At this point in your life, looking good is really about the less you
do to yourself – less, but of the right thing. There are so many women who,
when they get older, think doing more is what will make them look better….I’d
rather see women fresh out of the shower because they look ten times prettier
untouched than after they’re overdone.” – Bobbi Brown
I confess when I opened Bobbi Brown’s book, BEAUTY EVOLUTION: A GUIDE TO LIFETIME BEAUTY, I turned right to the chapter for women in their sixties!  I wanted to know fact from fiction.  It has taken too long for me to discover many
of things my mother told me were simply not true.  This is another reason why I was happy to
attend the Bobbi Brown Spring Fling at SAKS FIFTH AVENUE ….and once again bring my questions to the
experts.  Only three months ago, I made
the decision to leave the drug/grocery store beauty aisles and see what wearing
quality makeup is all about…that is myth number one:
1.        Myth
Number 1:  Cheaper makeup is just as good
as the expensive lines…there is no difference. 
Well, it took one day for me to discover this is just not true…sorry
Mom. The Bobbi Brown coverage was so much better…my skin felt better…and it
stayed on longer.
2.       Myth Number 2:  A woman my age should not wear foundation,
because it settles in the wrinkles. 
rich, creamy foundation actually reduces the wrinkles with deep moisturizing.  It hasn’t settled in the lines at all.
3.       Myth Number 3: An older woman should not wear a dark eye shadow.  Meet my new best friend, ladies…the name
is SUEDE (There was actually a designer on Project Runway who called himself
SUEDE!!)…but this cream shadow is fabulous and dispels another rumor…
4.       Myth Number 4: Cream shadow settles in the creases of the eyes and does not stay on.
Not this one.  I do use the LONG WEAR EYE BASE UNDERNEATH.
5.       Myth Number 5: Older women should not wear blush. 
Unfortunately, our skin thins and gets lighter with age and we do
need it…just not too much.  I am now wearing
a cream blush and a little powder on top.
6.       Myth Number 6:  Make up
brushes are an unnecessary expense…just use fingers or sponges. 
Sorry, once again, Mom.  The brushes cover better and actually save
money.  We do not use as much product with
a brush or a sponge…more goes on the face. (Keep them clean!)
I am pictured above with Kandy, a technician, who has worked
with make up since she was 18, and been with Bobbi Brown since the early
nineties.   Kandy is well into her
fifties and loves to help women of a certain age look their best.  She was happy to put my myths to bed.   She told me I have a lot of purple in my
natural lip, so I need to be very careful of the lipstick, but she helped me
with a natural lip color…also, with a base of Bobbi’s Lip Balm.  She also took the eye brightening stick and
used it on my deep lines around the mouth…sure enough, those lines were
softened and not as evident.  She did a
fabulous job with my eyes.  SUEDE was the
lid color with a lighter metallic powder color just above.  I researched several lines and their samples before deciding to go with Bobbi Brown…but, so far, I am very pleased with my choice!
Here are some of my favorite products to date:
It’s all worth it…and I am so glad I finally killed the myths. It is now a budget priority. I love my new makeup routine, and highly recommend it…
Have a fabulous Monday!!

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