Purses, Pearls, and Pink!

Everything on my post today you have seen before in some style or fashion, except for my new CALVIN KLEIN HANDBAG.  I recently treated my self to this beautiful leather purse when I found it at a most reasonable price at Nordstrom Rack!!!

I love it and I am so glad I made this buying decision!  If you have been out shopping, then you know PINK is everywhere!  This is how I prefer to wear pink…just a touch in an accessory!

I found this fun costume piece at JCP last year and it is always noticed when I wear it…which I combine with a second short strand of pink pearls originally from BANANA REPUBLIC years ago.

 I still love these FLATS I brought home from Chicago last summer!  Wish I could go this summer…loved the city!

A white jacket just makes this look ready for work, church, dinner out…anything, really.  It is almost time to shop for a smaller pair of black denim…yes they are getting a little loose…thank goodness!!

Speaking of the gym (yes, we were!) join me tomorrow for another post about my after 60 workout routine!

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Hope your Monday is a joyful one!


  1. I so love black, too, but still think of it more as a fall and winter color. Aren't we smart, both lightening it up this week? Your new purse is a beauty!!! Gotta love that Nordstrom Rack…I wish we had one in our town. Hey! Congratulations on needing new pants!!!

  2. Really pretty outfit Pam and this bag is a beauty. I've been eyeing this design in the department store. Must look at the Rack. Love your silver shoes with the cool white jacket. Great outfit!

    blue hue wonderland

  3. That's a wonderful new purse, Pam. It does feel like time to change toward Spring styles, doesn't it? Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  4. Great bag – lucky you! I think people need to get used to seeing us wearing older pieces in new ways. I love the pink with the black and white – another big trend this year.


  5. I have been following your blog for a while and I have to say you look fabulous, so healthy and fit. Love the white jacket, silver shoes and new bag.

  6. Purses, pearls, and pink . . . three of my most favorite things. I would have snatched that purse as well, its absolutely lovely and what a great color. As for the pearls and pink, oh, you just stole my heart.
    By the way, you are looking so fit! Great excuse to go buy those new jeans.

  7. Gorgeous bag. Yep…you scored a good one. I don't visit Nordstrom Rack often, but when I do, I rarely come out empty handed.

  8. Oh Pam! This is one of my downfalls pretty handbags! I like the one you chose, I am a fan o satchels, but usually carry the bags with a strap due to my condition. I do have my LV bag I make an exception for. Your is great as it is a lovely neutral and can be worn year round. Great you are at the gym, what do you do? After my disease and prior, swimming was always great for me, anyone actually. I wear a neoprene jacket to keep my muscles warm.

  9. Hi Pam!

    Love the bag and jewelery – I wear pink in a more bold way but you know that!
    I will go over at Generation… and read your article on over sixty workout!


  10. Fab look Pam, classy and elegant, your bag is fantastic! Good job getting it! It will serve you well for many years, these classy styles never go out of fashion. Hugs, Beata xxx

  11. Looking very classy in this outfit. I am a huge black and white lover. Seeing you combine it with this brown bag inspires me (indeed a beautiful bag). Never would have thought about it, but it looks really good. And I can applaud your necklace too (another one of my great loves: necklaces!).
    Last but not least: adorable shoes.

  12. That's a nice look, and I love the bag. It looks nice and roomy too!!

    Visiting today from Thurs. Fave Things. Thanks for hosting. 🙂

  13. OF COURSE you treated yourself to that bag..it is FABULOUS..so classic and versatile. THanks for linking up to Monday Mingle. Have a great weekend.

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