All of the beautiful cool weather is over for us in South Texas!  The sun is blazing….the drought continues…and today it was in the 90s…and that is really where we spend most of our time.

Here are the challenges of warm weather fashion:
1. We have it for a long time…at least through October.
2. The heat can often make it necessary to wear more than one outfit a day and need to clean clothing more often.
3. Clothing must be lightweight and breathe.
GOODWILLSA meets all of these challenges by giving women affordable options to keep wardrobes refreshed and fun.
I came away from  Goodwill shopping at our newest Bulverde Road location off of Highway 1604 with a couple of legitimate, matchy/matchy outfits! I decided I could get much leverage out of them and, of course, I will not wear either outfit in a full match as hung together.
The first is a three piece outfit with beautiful detailing and soft colors. I really like the jacket….

And it came with…

And with ….

You cannot really see it in the picture, but the tank top has some wonderful seams on the bust line giving it a nice fit.  I will wear it under a white cardigan or with white jeans.  I am not really a long skirt fan, but I might try to still wear it with a denim top and sandals.  Any ideas for the skirt, ladies??

All three pieces were $20…I had to take the whole outfit.  But I would have paid more for this jacket…I really like it and it is a cool option for teaching summer school.

I have another outfit I will share with you on Friday, which is the same concept of breaking up something meant to go together to create more modern styles.

GOODWILL can be my best friend this time of year!  Cool and fashionable! And a best friend to our communities as well!

Have an awesome Wednesday!! 

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