L’eggs Eggs Return…Will You Crack One Open?

Yes, after a brief hiatus the L’egg’s Eggs are back for a short time ….indicating perhaps the return of hosiery on American legs.  I confess I prefer to wear hose…especially until I get some color on these pasty legs!

My kids loved to play with the eggs…I am certain mommy bloggers will enjoy their return…a host of creative posts awaits.

They sent this little basket to celebrate spring…love the nail polish!  But, it certainly is a great way to celebrate the return of the EGG.  Also, they are hosting a giveaway, THE LEGGS LUCKY EGG SWEEPSTAKES!!  Just click on that link and see how to win a $1000 check!

OK, ladies…will you return to the egg?  How do you feel about hosiery?

Let us know, and have a happy Saturday!


  1. Good Evening Pam!
    YEA! for the Leggs' I will admit that I too have missed wearing them. I know it will not last long in the summer heat here in Houston, but there are times when I think a woman of any age looks more dressed in a hosiery.
    Judith Presgrove

  2. I remember when I first discovered L'eggs. The egg concept was different. I used to always wear hosiery because that was just what you did. My legs are not in shape anymore, have varicose veins and are pasty white too so I'd prefer to wear some kind of tights or hosiery. Although I don't really have much opportunity to wear dresses anymore.

  3. I loved these back in the day! Now I seldom wear pantyhose, but if they make some colorful tights, I'll be happy to Egg them again. xox

  4. Hi Pam, I loved the L'eggs eggs when I was a kid. I hope hoisery is making a return and I certainly feel that Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge is helping to give that trend legs (ha, couldn't resist) because I have noticed that you do not see her with bare legs at official functions. She wears very sheer hose with her dresses and skirts! I just said this over at Deja's blog and I will repeat it here: I am SO tired of seeing NYC gals wearing dresses with no hose and yet it's freezing out. It looks completely ridiculous. XO, Jill

  5. I remember wearing them in my teens. Cool thing about them was that you could buy in the drugstore or grocery store because a mall was a long way to drive. The plastic egg did get them noticed!

    blue hue wonderland

  6. I loved L'eggs. And as I age, I love them more. I just don't go without hosiery any more, and usually tights. That is, when I wear a dress, which is seldom. Funny, I hadn't thought about how infrequently I wear a dress. Thanks for this walk down Memory Lane!

  7. I haven't worn pantyhose in years. I do wear black tights with certain outfits in the winter, but I use self-tanner (or Sally Hansen leg makeup) to cover the imperfections and just go bare-legged.

  8. Oh my, this is a blast from the past! I have switched over to thigh high lace top hose. They are not only easier to put on, but, stay in place all day. Big plus, is when I use the Ladies Room.

  9. I always wear stockings or pantyhose with closed toed shoes because my feet hurt in even the most expensive shoes without them.

  10. Sally Hansen leg makeup can't take the edge off the age of our legs like pantyhose can. Hooray for Kate Middleton! I work in San Antonio & NYC, and I'm the only one in NYC I see wearing pantyhose.

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