Yes, after a brief hiatus the L’egg’s Eggs are back for a short time ….indicating perhaps the return of hosiery on American legs.  I confess I prefer to wear hose…especially until I get some color on these pasty legs!

My kids loved to play with the eggs…I am certain mommy bloggers will enjoy their return…a host of creative posts awaits.

They sent this little basket to celebrate spring…love the nail polish!  But, it certainly is a great way to celebrate the return of the EGG.  Also, they are hosting a giveaway, THE LEGGS LUCKY EGG SWEEPSTAKES!!  Just click on that link and see how to win a $1000 check!

OK, ladies…will you return to the egg?  How do you feel about hosiery?

Let us know, and have a happy Saturday!

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