My Mini-Vacation at Saks Fifth Avenue!

Yes!  I spent an entire day last week at Saks Fifth Avenue and it was refreshing and fun!

I hosted two blogger events in store to introduce our local audiences to the one-of-a-kind skincare line IOMA-Paris, sold only in six Saks in the U.S.

When you go from the high school hallways everyday, to the beauty of Saks Fifth Avenue and it’s friendly employees, then truly it is like going on a mini-vacation.  I was there from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m!

We had a great time learning about the most personal skincare on the market.  I first wrote about IOMA-PARIS, HERE, and have been using the products since last July.  My favorite compliment is when people are shocked at my age (60)…oh yeah, bring it on!  But, I owe many of those compliments to IOMA-Paris.  I am going to write more about skincare on Thursday…so stop by!

My very visible outfit included a new jacket from Dillards, by Peter Nygard.  I bought two of these cotton/linen jackets on sale recently because I loved them so much…really like the color, length, and side pockets.  I also felt comfortable and stylish for an all day event in my skinny INC denim jeans from Macys.  But, I have to say I received so much attention for my necklaces.  I just threw on two old ones together and it worked!

In between the events, I received an incredible opportunity to sit down with the new Saks general manager, Dennis, fresh in town from Birmingham.  Read his empty-nest story, HERE.

With two spreads from La Madeleine, fun times with local bloggers, and two exquisite businesses like IOMA-PARIS and SAKS FIFTH AVENUE…it was quite the day!  Thanks to all who participated!

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  1. I really like this outfit Pam! I love this colour on you!! Its fantastic and your necklace and accessories are perfect! Glad you had fun 🙂 hugs and hope you have a lovely week ahead, hugs Beata xxx

  2. I just found your blog on Visible Mondays. I love your philosophy and all that you offer on your blog. I am excited about becoming more a part of the blog world and really look forward to reading your blog on a regular basis. Your necklaces are beautiful together!

  3. Hi, Pam. I loved your comment about going from high school halls to Saks. haha Well, you look beautiful. This cobalt color is so pretty on you. I like a jacket like this length too. And your necklaces are definitely the cherry on top!

  4. What an amazing day you had. When I got to the part were you mentioned you were 60 I had to scroll back to your photo. I couldn't believe it. Your definitely a good ad for Ioma-Paris products. You look wonderful. I love the coat you decided to wear, lovely colour and those deserts have left me feeling hungry.
    Ali xx

  5. Definitely the neckpieces. OMG. Love love love. I am going to try that. Also the jacket. Now I"ll go back and reread about all the products. But how do you always look so consistently beautiful? If you are anywhere near SJ I want you in my closet with me putting stuff together!

  6. You do have beautiful skin! And it sounds like you had a wonderful day. After being mostly stuck in for the last six weeks due to my broken ankle, I personally can't wait to have a day out at the stores! I think it's fortunate you get to meet with other local bloggers. I live in a small town and I haven't got to meet any other bloggers in person. Debbie @

  7. HI Pam. I like the cobalt blue with the jeans, and your jewelry is neat!! I know what you must mean as I used to teach as well. I take care of my skin, and think it is very important. EDS, is the only thing that has given me nice skin in the long run, but your way sounds much better! jess

  8. I'm new here. Love your blog! Can't wait to go back and read past posts. (P.S. Check your link to "Fifty, not Frumpy" … for some reason it is not showing the current post but one from March 2013. )

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