The Challenges of Fashion Blogging…over 60!

Sometimes I just laugh when I think of the double life I
lead…high school teacher by weekday….fashion blogger all other times!  It truly is a dichotomy. 

When I first began blogging, I was the headless horseman…showing
outfits and ideas without seeing me.  I
was coaxed out by other bloggers my age. 
It has been so much fun to do this for four years…yet, here are some of
the challenges:

Younger bloggers have, what I call, more of the
disposable wardrobes…cheaper clothes and more options for their
outfit-of-the-day pictures. 

When I stage photos away from my house, I often
get honked at or stared down!
My over 50 group of ladies often look at trends
as guidelines and not always participants. This creates styling challenges.
Many do not take us seriously!  Don’t know why that is…some of the more
stylish celebrities today are over 40 and 50 ladies!  Sela Ward, Vanessa Williams, Diane Sawyer,
Diane Keaton, Iman, Claudia Schiffer, Demi Moore….I could go on and on.
The majority of the local fashion bloggers are
vibrant young women.  They have welcomed
me with open arms…but, I confess, sometimes I feel like “the mommy!”
6. Many times when I tell people I am a fashion blogger, they say “Really?”  …don’t know how to interpret that!!

However, on the flip side (do you think younger generations
wonder why we say “the flip side?)….there are many blessings of fashion blogging
at my age…
I feel younger when learning and constantly
growing in a new career path.
The outfit-of-the-day keeps me in my closet constantly using my brain and creativity to fashion looks without over
spending. I personally receive more benefits from working the clothes harder.
It keeps me laughing…we must be able to laugh at
ourselves and to enjoy what we are doing!
It gives me a way to mentor and help younger people…one
of the reasons I teach high school.
The best reason of all…the vast amount of amazing
women I have befriended as readers, fellow bloggers, and the retailers.  I feel as though I have friends all over the

Yes, there are challenges…but all in all…fashion blogging
keeps me young and having fun!  Thanks
for stopping by…have a wonderful new week ahead!  Happy Cinco de Mayo!

San Antonio, remember, I will be speaking at Chico’s in the Village of Stone Oak on Wednesday evening, May 14 at 6PM…how to refresh, reinvent your summer style!!

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  1. Having fun and keeping you young is what it's all about, and the incredible bonus of this blogging friendship. Mommy??? I say not! You are one fun and stylish fashionista. I thoroughly enjoy your blog so keep those fashion post coming.

  2. There are definitely challenges in being an over-fifty blogger, I agree. You find the joy in it, and that's why your blog is so successful, and a must-read. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday xox

  3. I agree that its difficult to be stylish, age appropriate and constantly coming up with new outfits/ideas, etc. I think you do a very good job with you blog!

  4. Hey we are only old if we think we are, and I think my sense of style is way better than it was in my 20s and 30s! Love your outfit, you look very young and vibrant to me! 🙂

  5. I am more confident now that I have ever been in my 62 years. I blog for fun and love to read all the blogs I follow like Yours. I am not a fashionista but I love color and wear what I like. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Yes, is is a bit frustrating if people do not take us seriously. After all, 'older' women have more disposable income to spend on clothes. And yet fashion designers in particular seem to shun us completely. I think it's time we 'older' women show the world that we matter, too…

  7. I know what you mean being frustrated because you are not taken serioisly. I think fashion designers in particular shun women in their 40s, 50s, 60s , as they seem to have this ideal customer in mind: young, slim… I guess it is up to us to claim our space in this world, also style-wise.

  8. I never think of age nor that it stops me from wearing or doing waht I please.
    I had a laugh when I was invited to join a whatsapp of a group of bloggers whose age was about 15. I didn´t but that broaght to mind that they didn´t think of age either.
    You are wonderful, dear pam

  9. There are definitely challenges for me it is learning all the new technology however the fun outways all the difficulties. I agree the laughter, the making of new friends virtual or meeting in person which is the best. I reckon I am the oldest fashion blogger in the UK which has its benefits as I seem to be popular with the press and there is no competition there. I find it quite amusing going to press launches when the PRs are usually a lot younger than my daughter.
    putting relevant looks together can be a challenge as I feel some of the brands still do not provide stylish and at the same time practical clothes.

  10. As a stay at home mother in her late fourties, I relate so much to your post. I blog because I lost myself for a few years when my mother was ill and while mourning, this forces me to take better care of myself and I've always loved clothes so it makes sense. I think when people act surprised about me being a fashion blogger it's because they themselves wouldn't know how to start a blog, at least that's been the follow up comments…

  11. Good Morning Sweet Pam!
    Hang in there girl, you are doing a great job! The other day we were at an event and I overheard a young man say to his friend that he hoped his wife looked as good as she does when his wife is her age! They both looked at me and smiled and I blushed and they said, "Hey, we mean it!"
    What a compliment! and boy did I need it.
    All women of any age should not give up on taking care of themselves and being the best they can be at any age.
    You do just that with your blog, you encourage women to not give up on themselves and be the best and look their best no matter what age! And I know the younger generations are watching us to be an example.
    Blessing to you, Judith Presgrove

  12. That is cool that you get the opp to speak about what you love to do– nice to get away from speaking at the schools and getting to speak w 'grown ups' 😉

  13. Great post and it makes me laugh to think people HONK at you if you are in a public place doing pictures. What?!? I tell you, the next time you are in NYC, let me know, I will take your picture myself in Times Square! We will have the best time and you will never feel self-conscious again about taking pictures anywhere. XO, Jill

  14. Love this post! I'm just getting started but sometimes I feel like the old lady in blogland 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration. You look gorgeous!

  15. Love the layered whites! You are a fashion blogger and an inspiration! The younger gals just keep us in check. My 14 year old granddaughter Isabella is with me quite a bit and sometimes will say,….no not that Mimi Karen, and will pull out a couple of other options which is fun. She wants me to look like a fashionable and young Mimi!

    The Arts by Karena

  16. Given the number of comments, you can see that you definitely fill a niche here! Personally, when I see the fashion blogs where the young ladies are wearing a different outfit every day, I think either they have chosen quantity over quality or they have unlimited resources. As I have gotten older, my focus has switched to quality pieces that can be worn many ways. And, I don't have unlimited resources! I love to get inspiration from the number of ways you can mix and match things and always look pulled together. Please know that so many of us can relate to you and look to you for inspiration! Karen

  17. Great post, Pam! I was nodding my head or laughing when I went through your post. When I was invited to a blogger event last year, I also felt like a mum as all other bloggers were my daughter's age.
    But meanwhile I see my age as my advantage in the blogosphere. We are niche bloggers, have a great international community, get more and more recognition by brands – and have fun!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  18. This is sooo true! You took the words right out of my mouth. Sometimes I'm even a little envious of the younger fashion bloggers with their short skirts, great legs and high heels and not to mention the trend of shorts with high heels! (Did we ever do wear those? Lol)

    When I tell people I’m fashion blogging, I usually get an open mouth and blank stare! But, I think there are a lot of women our age who are still interested in being fashionable and until recently there were few places to find information. That’s where we come in. I think the biggest problem is, so many boomers are not online!

    You are doing a fantastic job and as a new fashion blogger I want to thank you for all of your help and for welcoming me to the community!

  19. I totally feel you on leading the double life, makes me feel a bit schizophrenic sometimes. Not fun when you have to turn down events because it's going on during the day (oh the day job always gets in the way). It's a bummer that some people don't take the over-50s blogger seriously since some of my favorite blogs falls in that category (like yours and idiosyncratic fashionistas).

    ♥ Gita @

  20. You are a fantastic fashion blogger over 50 and am sure you inspire many women so keep on doing what you are doing and let the honkers honk on! BTW, I am also speaking at a Girls Night Out event on the 14th

  21. As a someone newish to blogging your wise words struck a cord. A love of fashion and the joy of having fun with it, continues throughout life , so why not share with other like minded souls of all ages and nationalities. Thank you for your inspiration.

  22. Pam, you know what? The fashion bloggers who are over 40 and 50 are way more inspiring to me than the younger gals. It's easy for them. It takes work to make things look good and to find the right clothes over 40. When someone does it well like you, it's super. I find so many ideas from real women on their blogs than I ever did in fashion magazines. You are doing a great job and giving so many inspiration! xxoo Kim

  23. Your post resonates. I find blogging to be a lifeline and I agree that meeting bloggers from across the planet has been life affirming and beyond interesting. We started around the same time Pam! So happy that you continue to inspire and share your wisdom and style.

  24. I wholeheartedly agree with you, Pam. And I envy you: I've met a number of fashion bloggers like yourself online, but none in person. I wouldn't know how to go about it. Any hints? Thanks! And keep up your good work here. Your audience enjoys it and it's obviously keeping you downright radiant.

  25. All I can say, Pam is you come through all blog challenges with a gold star!
    And by the way your skin looks fabulous, so creamy…I feel another post coming on 😉
    Have a good week xx

  26. As an over 50 fashion blogger, I'd say I mostly do it as an outlet for creativity
    It keeps me from getting stuck in a rut and look at things in different ways

  27. Love the pros and cons of this post. I'm mid-40's and sometimes I feel like the mommy in blogging circles as well since there are so many younger women blogging. Fashion is something new for me as I am losing weight and finally starting to have an actual shape again. I hadn't for years so I just had baggy clothes – it is hard to learn this stuff. I will be visiting here more to get tips!

  28. Love this post. Sometimes being over 50 can make you feel invisible. It's not just fashion blogging it's most blogging I think. That's why I love to read other over 50 blogs. Fashion is such a fun thing and we all love to look our best. I think so many of us are finding ourselves again after raising our families and now we have the time and the money to play again. Fashion, make up, hair. It's all just fun!

  29. Personally, I love knowing and reading men and women of all ages. It's invigorating and the learning goes both ways. As for style, one of the advantages of getting a bit older is understanding what works for us, especially if we've always had fashion challenges (very tall, very short, heavier than "standard" size, etc.). We should lighten up and enjoy the FUN of fashion, also something I think we can do as get a little older and take ourselves less seriously. So all I can say is rock on! We'll be here and looking and reading. xo

  30. You do demonstrably have friends all over the world ! That is the best, isn't it? You look bold in your white and black. Clean lined and elegant silver pieces just sets it off. Really polished look!

  31. Loved every word of this post Pam! I can so relate about the 'dual life'- for me school psychologist by day and lifestyle blogger/boutique owner by night. I consider myself a lifestyle blogger, who dabbles in fashion, is that I'm too intimidated to do photographs of my outfits. I do have to dress for work, and often they outfits turn out pretty well, but it's the camera and angles that I don't have patience for.
    I think you rock in doing it all! It also keeps us on the younger curve-always learning.
    Go Girl!
    xx, H

  32. I love that you're blogging about fashion over 50! You go girl! I find that many brands do not want to deal with the 40+ crowd when in fact we are the ones with the buying power. Their loss.

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