Eating My Hat…Uh, Sneakers! (Plus, Fashion Flash Monday!)

Several of you will love this post…the true confession…the humbling admission…but, hopefully, also love the open mind!  When JILL and ADRIENNE hosted their HOW I WEAR MY SNEAKERS posts, I boldly told them I did not see myself joining in with this trend.  But, I began to scroll from picture to picture and when I saw how fun and fashionable women of a certain age looked while wearing the sneakers, well, I just had to give sneakers new consideration.

So, here I am, girls…eating my sneakers, not my hat, and wishing I had been here earlier.  I love them!  In fact, I am wearing three things in this outfit I normally do not wear.

Sneakers, Horizontal Stripes, and lace!

Maybe something is in my water!

Upon deciding to give sneakers consideration, I headed to Macy’s and arrived right when the doors opened.  That way I could have a section of the shoe department to myself.  I was surrounded by sneakers…some fashionable, some athletic, some both.  I thought I had every style in the shoe department.  Converse was ruled out quickly because my feet looked like a platypus nose.   I narrowed it down to
I was about to go with the Kensie when one of the shoe salesmen brought me these GUESS SNEAKERS
Once on my feet, I knew they were the ones…I love the gray knit and the comfortable feel.  When I travel to Houston next weekend, these will come along!  My husband even liked them which was a real surprise to me.  So, I am on board with sneakers!  And encourage the rest of you to join us!
Finally, the reason I styled this outfit with the lace cardigan is the shirt actually includes touches lace in the design.  The lace on each side is slimming as well.  You can see the sale price HERE is very reasonable!
I hope you enjoy the rest of the bloggers on VISIBLE MONDAY…and that you have a wonderful Monday also!  Also, linking with MONDAY MINGLE!!
NOW, Time for Fashion Flash!
Melanie at Society Wellness is our hostess this week for Fashion Flash.  Just click HERE to read some of the best articles for fashion, health, and beauty.  Melanie always has health information about our daily needs for vitamins and the benefits!
Today, I am flashing back to some great advice I found from a professional wardrobe consultant.  Join the fabulous bloggers of FASHION FLASH!


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  1. I am so glad you've gotten on the sneaker chic bandwagon. Your feet are going to LOVE you!
    Great look, Pam and thank you for the shout out. Will Jill and I be seeing you for HIWM Pastel this week?

  2. I'm so glad I found your page. I'm 56 and need as many ideas as possible to feel stylish. I love sneakers too but have always worn them just for exercising. Think I'll be doing differently in the future.

  3. Love your new sneakers and your youthful, yet appropriate and stylish, look for the day, Pam. Everrrrryody's wearing sneakers this season! I need some cute/trendy ones like yours.

  4. My dear Pam, I would NEVER say I told you so to you! I'm so glad you are trying sneakers and I love you for your open mind. You know I am nutty for lace and I remember that you joined us for that HIWM party (back in the early days!) even though you were not a fan. I think it shows what a trouper you are and that you are willing to give things a second look and consideration. You are the best. I hope you will join us for pastels, we are still accepting pictures! XO, Jill

  5. I think you made the right choice with the Guess sneakers you chose. They look fabulous on you! So glad you took the sneaker plunge! cherie at

  6. I bought a pair of Converse that have a thinner sole and are cut lower through the ankle and I really like them. A lace-up shoe helps my feet through all kinds of walking around.

  7. Love your sneakers! I too was one who said, "Not for me!", then saw the Superga shoes in the JJill catalogue, sent for them and never looked back! They are the height of comfort, wore them this weekend for a shopping marathon (2 days) and saw so many women sporting this look! Your outfit looks so fun and classic at the same time! Karen

  8. You may never wear any of those things, but they look fabulous on you! I have so many sneakers and I love them all. Have a great week.

  9. You look chic, modern, and adorable in sneakers! I know how you feel … a couple of years ago I was fighting the skinny jean trend. And for this month's HIWM I had a hard time working with pastels. But these challenges push us out of our comfort zones right?

  10. You look adorable.
    I did exactly the same things, Pam. I said "Never!" Then I went and found the cutest ones I could find and tried them on, all ready to buy … but I looked like the complete dorky old lady that I am in them … and the first thing that came to mind was "little old lady in tennis shoes."
    Just not happening for me, but you did good!

  11. Pamela! Thanks for this post. I work in a department that discourages anything without a flat sole. I think I was born in heels, and am occassionally dragged into my boss' office for wardrobe discussions. LOL

    I have never worn sneakers outside of exercise and the thought of wearing them for work makes me cringe! And I've always considered the ones on your feet to be for teens! Now it appears I have other options to choose from! My boss thanks you, too, I'm sure! 😉

  12. Hi Pam!
    Catching up a bit!
    Ah! the sneakers! i have been a fan for many years – I wear them with a vintage 80s skirt and funky tee!
    I think your sneakers look great i will have a look at Adrienne's



  13. thanks SO much for linking up..and I am elated ot see you tried some kicks..I used to NEVER wear them either…ballet flats for days…but they are a fun alternative and FUN to wear, no? Add a little pep to your step, right? Hope you have a great week.

  14. Pam, Super cute look on you! I love the sneakers you chose. I too have been adding my Converse to skirts and things I hadn't before. It's so comfy and feel kind of dressy casual which is nice. I bet you will wear those a ton. xx Kim

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