5 Reasons I Love July Sales!! (And Fashion Flash)

Hello again everyone!  My participation in Fashion Flash (which goes up on Monday) requires I review past posts and every year I tell you about my love for July sales!!

Today, I am wearing a jacket recently purchased at CHICO’S…I like the way it has a touch of lace on the sides.  This is how I prefer to do lace.  Both this jacket and my new flats are great examples of why we need to try things on and spend time in the dressing room.  The jacket is a size smaller than I usually wear at Chico’s and the shoes are a whole size larger…I actually grabbed them without checking the size, and they fit!!   They are COLE HAAN, leather, bronze flats from DILLARDS…$40!

The five reasons I always shop July sales are simply this:

1. I have the time in the summer to go actually marathon shop…visit a variety of places and try things on!
2.  Summer items are on sale to clear out shelves for fall fashion…and in steamy South Texas, we wear warm weather clothes the longest.
3. However, cold weather items are always on the sale racks and I can pick up some great wardrobe additions for little to nothing.  I just purchased a couple of beautiful, V Neck sweaters from TALBOT’S RED HANGER SALE for just $25 each!  And, of course, NORDSTROM is about to roll out the new season with it’s huge ANNIVERSARY SALE beginning now for cardholders, and July 18 to everyone else.  I have my eyes on a pair of black booties and a leather jacket…we will see!

4. I use July sales as a way to build the functional wardrobe I desire which fits my style.  I can find those quality pieces I so want to add at reasonable prices.  Last week, I bought EILEEN FISHER pants and a statement jacket at
Dillard’s for 65% off!! All season items were on the racks.
5. Finally, I budget for this!  It is one of the reasons I teach summer school…I know I will save money and reap rewards shopping in July.

There you have it…my reasons for celebrating this time of year!! (I told you July was full of celebrations).  Has anyone else hit the sales…if so, what did you add to your closet??

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  1. Hi Pam! Just wanted to stop by and say "Hi". I still stop by and read your blog although I dont comment as much as I am doing ALL via my Iphone and its so darn hard to comment via phone! anyway, thinking of you and wishing you the best summer! enjoy your sales shopping! xoxo

  2. Wow, you're good at finding stuff at sales… Wild elephants couldn't drag me into sales, no way. Too crowded, nothing in my size availeble anymore, and by the sales I have usually bought everything I like anyway…

  3. I have adopted the very same practice. I could have written this post we think so alike on this. Last year, I went on a shopping blitz this time of year and that's what I've mainly worn all year. Just last week, I hit the sales again and like you, found winter as well as summer clothes. Since I wear short sleeves year round with cardigans, I can do well by shopping the July sales. Debbie @ ilovemylemonadelife.com

  4. Great looking outfit, Pam! All of the pieces work together very nicely. You've done well at the sales, and I agree about *always* trying things on whenever you can. I've often been surprised to find the best fit isn't the size I expected.

  5. You are so right about sales in July. I just read an article that most retailers are marking their items down even more than previous years, so things are very affordable. Thanks for the great tips! cherie at stylenudge.com

  6. I haven't found as many things on sale yet as I'd have liked. Or maybe what I like isn't on sale. I'm doing my best to try to focus on thrift and consignment when I can. That helps.

    The jacket is gorgeous and creates a wonderful sihlouette.


  7. Hi, Pam, thanks for stopping by! You are looking as stylish as ever. I love that top, especially the way it hangs loose and casual. Boy, I'm tempted to go shopping now that you're talking about it. You're a bad influence!

  8. Beautiful jacket, trousers and ballerinas. The fact that you bought the jacket a size smaller, allows you to show off the fantastic necklace more explicitly.
    Hurray to summer (and sales).

  9. Fabulous jacket!!! Love the color, the lace, the drape, just beautiful! I'm taking a couple days off this week and will hit some sales myself. We wear cold weather clothes the longest where I live, so my goal is to brighten up my fall and winter wardrobe, which tends to run a little dark. Winter is bad enough without all the dark colors! So I'll be hitting sales this week!

  10. Pam! Sweet shoes, I have a couple of the Cole Haan flats and they are pretty and comfy!
    I love the cardi as well on you, and your outdoor flowers 🙂 Have a great week, jess xo

  11. Pam, you are still using that jacket? Love that. I am totally the same. Everything else would feel awkward to me. And lace is not easy, at least in my humble opinion. But just the way iits here, a fabulous addition. Subtle detail is what I like it. Have a great day! Here in Germany we are still over the moon after wining World Cup final! lst night. Sabina @Oceanblue Style

    1. Sabina, This is the first time this jacket has appeared on my blog! I previously had a similar one which was much larger and did not have the lace inlets…but this one is brand new! Congrats on the World Cup…they were impressive.

  12. A great way to do lace! As for shopping in July…I like mid season clearance sales, but mostly shop for off season items for even deeper discounts…Nothing like finding a new pair of boots in Summer….Online shopping really allows for me to maximize the savings this way…

  13. Hey Pam! Thank you for your kind comment! Though we have less warm weather here, I love buying summer clothes, I also live sales! I found a great boat dress in some sales last week which I was v pleased about-it is good for swing dancing (which I wore it for yesterday) and just for everyday teaching! X

  14. I admire your organizational skills and how you plan for the July sales. The bronze flats are quite the find! I am much more haphazard and don't think of checking out sales until they're over. Thanks for reminding me to spend a little time searching before the month is over!

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