Elaine Turner Boutiques…Now is the Time to Rush Right Over!

Only five days are left of the fabulous July sales…I know there are more on the horizon…but these are simply the best!  At ELAINE TURNER, you can get up to 60% off of stunning accessories and see the Fall 2014 preview!

San Antonio bloggers were invited last week to see all the lovely sale items (including this hat) at the ELAINE TURNER BOUTIQUE IN ALAMO HEIGHTS..

Elaine is one of the most exciting designers on the market right now with new boutique openings around the country, including Manhattan, and attracting PRESS ATTENTION for all types of publications…it seems everyone is talking about this talented lady from Texas!

If you are not located near one of the BOUTIQUES, then visit Elaine Turner ONLINE.

Sale items are going quickly so you just might want to get over there

You’ll have fun!  We did!

Have a glorious Sunday, everyone!!


  1. Nice items. I really love the wide-brimmed hat and the leopard clutch. I'll have to visit her site. Thanks for sharing!

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