Goodwill: Serious Wardrobe Building

I have friends who use thrift shopping for their creative outlets…they go in for one fun, artistic look which may be worn once.  I have done that as well, however, I confess that the majority of my trips to GOODWILL result in key wardrobe pieces I can wear again and again.

This Jones of New York, gray linen jacket will serve me well for a long time.  Here I have paired it with a navy sleeveless top and blue denim.  A perfect look for a high school teacher!

The same shopping trip left me with a comfy, gray Chico’s cardigan.  Lightweight, like new, and works now when in air conditioning!

A little bit classic, a little bit neutral, and love a good quality designer or retailer…Goodwill delivers at affordable rates while giving back to the community!!  (And look at the scarves I found!!) So much fun!

San Antonio, I found these at the Bitters and Hwy. 281 store!!

GOODWILL can help us build wardrobes which fit our individual personal style…and we don’t have to wait to do it!

Have a wonderful Wednesday all!
Keep smiling!


  1. I love that Chico's sweater! It would look great belted as well! I shop second hand for almost my entire wardrobe, and have found so many treasures that I know I'll enjoy for YEARS! Hugs to you Pam! Serene

  2. Like Susan said, you are so fortunate to have a great Goodwill to shop at! The ones in my area are quite the opposite, yet I still try! I have good luck at consignment stores though. I LOVE that linen jacket, though I have never made friends with linen myself. You look so classy! How do you cope with the wrinkles? Do you just ignore them? I know that is how we know that linen is the real deal, but I have not been able to take the plunge yet! The jacket you are wearing doesn't look like it has wrinkles at all!! Karen

    1. Hi Karen, I have some linen garments that wrinkle when I breathe…but this jacket, does not wrinkle. I did take it to the dry cleaner after I purchased it. But, the quality is excellent. I can usually trust Jones of New York to provide a quality product.

    2. Pam, I know what you mean about their quality! I have a few linen blend sweaters that don't wrinkle (too badly!!) that I love, I'm thinking the blend here is the key. I might start with a casual long skirt and see how it goes. I know linen is tops for keeping us cool in the summer and I was looking at the J. Jill catalog last night just sighing! Such pretty linen things! Thank you for the response!!

  3. I thrift shop all the time! Estate sales, charity and just plain old resale shops are delightful places to hunt, gather, forage, and scavenge! Recycling, repurposing, and upscaling only makes sense in a world of limited resources.

  4. Your looks are fantastic! I go into a thrift store and am overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices. What do you look for? How do you start?
    Signed: Lost in Alberta

  5. Wonderful finds! I have found some of my favorite wardrobe pieces at Goodwill – my biggest problem is having the time to look for the treasures!

  6. I love the Chico sweater. Our Goodwill was hit or miss but am going to stop back and look. I agree with Diane and would like some tips on how to narrow the selection.

  7. Such cute finds
    You are the best Goodwill shopper out there
    I can still only find discarded 80's and 90's clothing at our Goodwill. LOL
    Have a great weekend

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