Jenny Craig: Takes Me Back to the Basics

Learning lessons the hard way…I always have to do it the hard way. Not sure at my age why I still struggle with the food-thing!  I was raised in a house which celebrated EVERYTHING with food. Plus, if someone had a bad day, it had to be assuaged with food!  All major events included major food and cooking!

So, being a good programmed Texas, Southern girl, I decided I would stray from the JENNY CRAIG FOOD PLAN to celebrate July 4th and my birthday!  Both, bad decisions….because on both days I ate high fat, rich foods and on both days I was sick at my stomach for 3-4 days afterwards.  I also gained a pound back after my birthday and could not weight train one morning from the nausea!
Now, the good news.  My stomach has changed and I owe it all to JENNY CRAIG.  I cannot tolerate the bad foods I have grown so accustomed to eating any longer. So, no more celebrations my way. I am going to stick faithfully to this eating plan until I get’er done!

That means celebrations the Jenny Craig way!  The picture above has become my Saturday morning celebration breakfast of CINNAMON FRENCH TOAST.  I love it and it is my weekly treat…though it is on the approved eating plan.  No more changing…back to the basics…and back to the success I have when I am on Jenny!  This is where you will find me sitting tomorrow morning! 

  Have a delicious Friday, everyone!

*I was provided a free trial program, and free Jenny’s Cuisine® items. Currently, I purchase their food at a special rate.   However, the opinions and writing are entirely my own. 
Members following the Jenny Craig program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs per week


  1. That French toast looks delicous!!! That is on the food plan??? That would be my weekly treat too, wow! I think you are doing great from what you say. And a pound is really nothing Pam. It could be water retention from the rich foods. If you celebrated twice like that and only gained a pound, you are doing great! That pound is probably gone by now. I am a foodie myself, love cooking (it's a hobby) and love eating good things and love a glass of wine now and then with a great dinner. To me, food is like a celebration and a way of showing people I care! I have to always be mindful of what I'm eating, like it or not. So what I do is just eat smaller portions of whatever I want. If I had to stop cooking I would lose a source of entertainment! It's the hardest thing not to run back for seconds, but the only way to keep my weight in check. I admire you for sticking with the workouts.

    1. I was thinking the same, that the french toast looked delish.. I find that once I kick bad foods to the curb, over time, my taste for them will dwindle to nothing.. I'm so happy for you in finding something you like and something that is working for you..

  2. Celebrations are important and there is no reason not to participate. You just need to plan for it. if you are invited to someones house, this is where you bring a dish that you know you can eat – a festive salad perhaps made with quinoa and lots of veggies for crunch. If you are going out to dinner, check out the menu on line first to see what you can have or ask to be modified – many will accommodate. This way you're not fretting at the restaurant and can order with confidence. If drinks are involved for each1 glass of wine, follow with glass of water. It is true that as you move forward, your tastes indeed will change and things you used to love (cheese cake comes to mind here!) wont appeal to you any more. It kind of wierd but you start to imagine the taste of fat. Gradual weight loss is more sustainable. Your goal is you health and lifestyle management. Keep up with you exercise.
    You can do this!

    1. This is really good advice on an important topic. I completely agree with the gradual weight loss theory. It truly is better. I have found that losing quickly makes you think you have 'reached your goal' before the new habits have taken hold, and you think, "oh boy! Now I can eat again!" And we know the road that leads us down!! Gradual allows for true changes to take place and become new habits. Sure, there is going to be the occasional splurge, but the idea is to start fresh the next day and get back to your plan. And no beating up on yourself!!

  3. Good morning dear Pam!

    I hear ya. I think that food is a huge part of many of our cultures, but it's quite interesting however, certain slight tweaks in those celebrations vary from culture to culture. Though food is highly regarded as a center for family gatherings in some cultures, food is not used as a comfort, but rather a celebration. When issues of behavior in children arise at the table, some parents don't use food as a reward or punishment. It's just there, as part of the family landscape, and is not forced upon. It's meant as a source for nourishment, celebration and living but not to be lived for….yet in other households, it's used as a pacifier, a reward, a threat or some other device that does promote undesirable habits.

    However, it's never too late to change. But that change is HARD, isn't it! But I'm glad that our stomachs cannot be fooled. Once we've allowed our bodies to run smoothly with less processed and lighter foods, the moment we introduce anything too heavily laden with bad fats or sugar, our wonderful bodies react. Listen to you body, and enjoy the journey.

    I wish you success, and also, thank you for coming to leave a comment! It was a splendid link party. Anita

  4. I so agree Pam – once I get myself in the habit of eating healthy, more than a little bit of sweet, rich food makes me feel terrible. You are doing such a great job with Jenny Craig – it's inspiring me to keep going as well. Have a great weekend!

  5. The HARD WAY? Yep, how many of us have been down that lane?

    Glad you are back on track and looking forward to tomorrow morning's meal! Looks absolutely delicious… Wishing you an eating experience that is as delightful as the image itself…

  6. I think I just gained 5lbs just staring at that piccture! I'm trying to lose wgt too and be healthier and I must say, it's harder now than it was 3 years ago. It's torture!!! And I think it's harder for carb addicts like myself. Oh how I miss my chips and pastries. But must lose weight…must lose weight and fit better into my clothes….*sigh*

  7. The French Toast looks delicious. I have also found certain foods I have eaten when I am eating off my normal food bothers my stomach too.
    The great thing I find is the healthier food such as vegetables fill the spot for me.
    I bet the pound comes off with no problem. Have a nice weekend

  8. I would love the French toast! My stomach is the same way – it is just not used to rich food anymore and when I do indulge I pay the price!

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