Happy August, everyone!  We have had the most amazing summer in South Texas…I am certain this will not last long, but so far we have not seen 100 degrees or more!  That alone is a miracle.  Last summer broke records with 41 days of 100+!  Our mornings this year…fabulous!

Not long ago, I complimented a woman, who I saw at a shower on a beautiful bracelet she was wearing.  She told me it was a part of her large bracelet collection.  “I am a bracelet person, ” she said boldly.  “We are all either necklace people or bracelet people.  Which one are you?”  

I told her the question was a little confusing to me…some days I like bracelets, some days I like necklaces, and some days (like today), I like both!! (Maybe she thought I lacked direction!)
She assured me that deep down inside I really favored one or the other and would eventually toss the one I did not prefer.

I had never heard this rigid philosophy from anyone else. I don’t say rigid in a bad way…I just think accessories are too much fun to narrow it down that much.  But, I am open to listening if you agree!

Both my necklace and bracelet come from CHICO’S.  The bracelet is older, but I recently purchased the necklace for only $14!  The silk anorak is also from CHICO’S…on sale! I rarely wear both…but I almost always wear at least one or the other.  I cannot see parting with either one.

Now, for some real fun…I am for sure a “jacket” person…and CALI AND YORK would like to give one of YOU this beautiful JAMESTOWN JACKET!!  I introduced you this wonderful company last week, HERE.

Just follow the Rafflecopter and I cannot wait to see who wins this fun piece!!  

It’s Fashion Flash Day!
Fashion Flash hostess is the famous Barbara Hannah Grufferman of The Best of
Everything after 50 Blog. According to her bio: Barbara
Hannah Grufferman, a recognized advocate for positive living, is the author
of “The
Best of Everything
After 50: The Experts’ Guide to Style, Sex, Health, Money
and More”
 a best-selling resource book which
addresses the concerns of women over fifty with the wisdom of top experts in
different fields, including Diane von Furstenberg, Frederic Fekkai, Dr.
Patricia Wexler, and many others.She has a weekly front-page column on
Huffington Post and AARP, and is Positive Living Editor for GLOW Beauty
Magazine. Barbara blogs regularly for other websites and is currently at work
on her second book.
I decided to take you back to one of my
favorite re-invention stories since I began blogging. 
See all of the great material HERE!

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Have a Monday full of smiles!!

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