Feeling Old? The Eyes Have It!

When I saw the results of a recent study taken by Vibrant
Nation of midlife women, I was not surprised at the results.  What are the top factors that make us feel
older?  The top three indicators were our
clothes, hairstyles, and the need to wear glasses.

I have been wearing glasses consistently for about ten
years, so I completely agree our glasses make us feel older.  My husband fought the need to have readers so
much, he would use my glasses to read the menu when we went out to eat. 

 In fact, the research showed that most women
will borrow a friend’s glasses, go mostly to restaurants where they know the
menu, or order a special the waiter highlights. 
One woman even confessed to taking the menu in her handbag to the
restroom where the lighting is better.

The impact of needed glasses had this emotional impact on
the study participants:  Wearing glasses made them feel….

32% Annoyed
20% Older
12% Frumpy
5%   Embarrassed

I think most of us would confirm we have felt these emotions
when our focus goes blurry.  The majority
of us are experiencing what is known as presbyopia. We are most aware of the
deterioration when trying to read labels or electronic devises. Presbyopia is a
condition which

·Impacts the eye’s ability to focus
·Progresses over time
·Can occur in people who are already wearing
prescription glasses or contact lenses for distance
· May lead to the need for bifocal or multi-focal
contact lenses

The good news of modern advancements is that now there are
multi-focus contact lenses which make it possible to say good-bye to reading
glasses.  (And as a new wearer of contact
lenses, my husband loves this! He is a huge fan)  He does not have to look for readers left
lying all over the place and he no longer has to borrow my glasses.

BAUSCH & LOMB has introduced Pure Vision 2, Multi-focal
Contact Lenses for Presbyopia which may eliminate the need for reading glasses.  This advanced lense

·Features an innovative 3-Zone Progressive
designed to improve near, intermediate, and distance vision
·Thin, rounded edge design
·Available for extended wear up to 30 days
·Simply put, these new lenses provide clarity
where it counts – in the real world.

You can learn more and get a free sample at
www.goodbyereaders.com, or from your eye care professional.  I am going to check it out!  It is time for my bi-annual eye appointment

Happy Friday, all.

 I am participating in a Vibrant Influencer network campaign for Bausch + Lomb. I am receiving a fee for posting; however, the opinions expressed in this post are my own. I am in no way affiliated with Bausch + Lomb and do not earn a commission or percent of sales

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  1. One aspect of getting older I continue to rail against is "the dying of the light" literally as in eyesight. At one stage I had a about 4 pairs of glasses for different sight issues and situations. So now I am happy with my contacts plus a pair of sunglasses. Apparently there is now surgery that can correct failing eyesight however I don't quite have the courage for that yet.

  2. This surprises me since I've been wearing glasses since I was 11. I do remember feeling surprised when I started needed reading glasses in my early 40s. I wore contacts for close to 40 years, but felt a huge sigh of relief when I made the decision to go strictly with glasses a couple of years ago. With multifocal lenses and the transitions that make them function like sunglasses outdoors, I am happy. And glasses are somewhat in style right now.
    Another thing for us near-sighted people as we age– I can read easily with no glasses at all. Nice for close work and reading in bed.

  3. Great post Pam! I have worn contacts since age 15 (I am your same age) and still do, and I love them. I do have the multi-focal ones, but still need readers. My solution was to get really cute reading glasses, and more than a couple of them, and I enjoy wearing them and even get compliments when I have them on (only to read on occasion.) My contacts apparently don't do the magic of standing in for readers! Glasses have never made me feel older either since I've needed them since I was a child. I think it would be more difficult for a woman who never had to wear them and now does. Now all that said, something that DOES make me feel older is how my hearing has changed. Thank goodness for advances in hearing aids, because I'm currently saving up for those. When I could no longer hear as well I felt like a fossil!

  4. I hope they've improved these. I tried what they called "bifocal contacts" before my wedding 9 years ago and they left me unable to see near or far. I'm willing to try again although I have gotten accustomed to my "bifogies" as I call them.

  5. I'm so with you on the need for lenses to support reading. My eye sight has probably been the most difficult part of aging for me. As my optometrist predicted it will get worse year by year. This sounds like an interesting option. I'll definitely check it out. Happy weekend Pam!

  6. I have been wearing contact lenses for 43 years now (getting on a bit haha). And the last 10 (?) years they became multi focal. Like your husband I love this. I can read the labels in the super market and pretend I am at least 10 years younger haha. Never having to look for your reading glasses. Super.
    I was given to understand though that you could only have multi focal contact lenses if your eyes were used to wearing normal contact lenses for a long period. Apparently that is not true (anymore), as your husband never wore them. Good news.

  7. I have wore mono vision contacts for years. Recently my eye Dr. let me try multifocal contacts and I loved them! Until I discovered they would cost me over $800 a year, back to monovision it is for me.

  8. I've always worn glasses so it's not an issue for me. I think people who squint, ask others to tell them what something says and complain about the poor light make themselves seem older and more decrepit . So get over it and wear your glasses, contacts or whatever!

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