Gentle Transitions to Fall

September…as a young schoolgirl, I was accustomed to chalkboards and books entering in just after Labor Day.  So, it is natural that my thoughts now turn toward fall.

I have already confessed to my love for this season which compels me forward, …though the calendar still gives us 20 more days until all is official!

This past weekend, I gently moved in the autumn direction.  The summer wreath on my front door became sunflowers and raffia; the family room mantel was changed completely from picture to foliage; my toes went from cherry red to terra cotta; and I made selected wardrobe edits.

My bright orange pieces went away and I brought out the burnt orange selections…because those close to me know, I love orange.  My summer flip flops and bright colored sandals have been stored away.  But, tomorrow I am joining JILL and ADRIENNE to sport my favorite neutral sandals from this past summer.

Finally, I selected several summer scarves to be perfectly folded and tucked away until spring.

Today’s look is a good transition for me.  The knit vest is very light and works in our heat… However, I spend most of my time during the week in air conditioning.  Weather wise this will do!

How do you like to begin a transition to fall? (I am telling you below where the pieces are from, but often I am styling with clothes I have owned a long time! The vest and pants are new)



  1. You look great Pam! Love the black and white! Here in Ohio, I hang on to summer as long as possible since we have such cold weather for so much of the year. I do love fall though! When the time comes, I change my front porch decor like you do. I change out wreaths, empty out the spent containers of flowers, and on a warm day in October, you'll find me hanging up Christmas lights invisibly in my yard! I ease into fall clothing options throughout the month of September, making subtle changes here and there. Gone are the obvious sundresses and summer tops (sigh), scarves and sandals. Fall is gorgeous in this part of the country, so I make the most of our last warm days!

  2. Hi Pam! Great transitioning. Love the long cardi with the smart looking pants. Love the picture with the blackboard as well. Your wreaths are pretty! umm. How I transition into fall is tough as here in Charlotte it is pretty warm until end of October, but I may add a moto jacket or leather blazer to a dress in the meantime.
    Stop by when you can, I have the last of my 3 part series on Charleston.
    jess xo

  3. You look fantastic! (This is one of the best photos of you I've ever seen – and your photos are always wonderful. I love you in this classic look. Impeccable. And the blackboard backdrop is extremely artistic.)

  4. Fall is definitely coming and I do absolutely love the summer, but yet I still do enjoy the fall and all that comes with it. Only thing, I wish I could change was to skip winter all together. No a fan of the cold and the snow to be honest, but that is just me.

  5. This is a good look and a good transition. Can I say you have a beautiful face? Now that you are losing weight, your face changes and your features sharpen to reveil such a classic beauty.
    I hope you don't mind me mentioning this. I know not everybody who is losing weight appreciates these remarks as some think it is as if they didn't matter when they were bigger. Which is of course not what I want to say. If I am blunt, please forgive me. I am Dutch, we are blunt.

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