September…as a young schoolgirl, I was accustomed to chalkboards and books entering in just after Labor Day.  So, it is natural that my thoughts now turn toward fall.

I have already confessed to my love for this season which compels me forward, …though the calendar still gives us 20 more days until all is official!

This past weekend, I gently moved in the autumn direction.  The summer wreath on my front door became sunflowers and raffia; the family room mantel was changed completely from picture to foliage; my toes went from cherry red to terra cotta; and I made selected wardrobe edits.

My bright orange pieces went away and I brought out the burnt orange selections…because those close to me know, I love orange.  My summer flip flops and bright colored sandals have been stored away.  But, tomorrow I am joining JILL and ADRIENNE to sport my favorite neutral sandals from this past summer.

Finally, I selected several summer scarves to be perfectly folded and tucked away until spring.

Today’s look is a good transition for me.  The knit vest is very light and works in our heat… However, I spend most of my time during the week in air conditioning.  Weather wise this will do!

How do you like to begin a transition to fall? (I am telling you below where the pieces are from, but often I am styling with clothes I have owned a long time! The vest and pants are new)


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