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Fashion Fusion or Confusion?

By Paula Reeves

It’s exhausting! Weaving endlessly through
the maze of this season’s ‘fashion looks,’ (or any season theses days) one
thing sings out loud and clear. There is no definitive ‘look’. And there hasn’t
been for some time. Gone are the days when it was easy to be a ‘dedicated
follower of fashion.’ The mini skirt in the 60s with the midi and maxi hot on
its heels; bell bottoms and platform shoes in the 70s: shoulder pads and power
dressing in the 80s: all are clear identities that marked out their respective eras.
 Today anything goes! Skinny jeans, wide leg
jeans, culottes; heels, flats, trainers, wedges: capes, wraps, trenches; lace, leather,
tweed, chiffon; monochrome, brights, pastels, prints, stripes, checks. How do
you find your way through all that? I think you don’t and I have given up
This is good news and bad news. The good
news is that it’s liberating, and gives us licence to find our own style, one
with which we feel comfortable and which defines our individuality. The bad
news is that it can be much harder work to develop and hone an individual style
confidently. But the rewards of doing so are immense.
 Freedom from being a slave to today’s fusion
and confusion of fashion, and from a chameleon-like switching of identities
from one trend to another is both rewarding and here’s the even better news, far
less expensive.
I have taken the easy route and removed
myself from the season to season fashion fray.  I opt for classic basics which stand the test
of time, and are largely immune to changing cuts and shapes, and I dress them
up and ring the changes with beautiful, timeless accessories. Maybe it’s my age
but it makes a busy life much simpler.
Simplicity is the key to timeless style and
effortless chic and here are three ladies; all champions of classic simplicity
and all style icons of their time. Their outfits, in easy to wear neutral
palettes, could be from any decade from the 1960s onward.  We have suggested accessories to complement
these basic styles: all from


An all time style icon, Audrey Hepburn is the epitome of the power of understated elegance. This black top and Capri pants,
finished with pretty flats, could be from today’s fashion pages. The outfit
provides the perfect canvas for accessories. I have chosen a Black Cashmere
Poncho, a Leopard and Lace Cashmere Scarf and Black Suede and Leather Bow
Gloves for a chic spring and autumn ensemble.

What could be simpler but more stunningly
effective than this classically cut white tuxedo trouser suit which Angelina
Jolie chose for an Oscar night. In today’s ‘anything goes’ fashion world, a
suit like this can be dressed up or down and the jacket and trousers worn
together or separately. Black jeans and white jacket are perfect for a chic
casual look by day or night; black shirt and white trousers equally stylish. I
love outfits like this which have endless permutations. To accessorise I’ve
gone for a striking Monochrome Print Cashmere and Silk Blend Scarf,  Black Bow Cocktail Gloves and Nina Black
Cylinder Clutch.


From ball gowns to polo necks; from classic
suits to simple shifts, the first lady of American fashion was always
exquisitely stylish, elegant and chic whatever she wore. Classic cuts gave her
a sophistication that many  emulated. I
love this timeless camel coat which she teamed with a simple brown polo neck
sweater. To accessorise I’ve selected similar tones and picked a Hand Spun,
Hand Woven Houndstooth Cashmere Shawl, Black and Taupe Italian Woven Leather
Gloves, and for cold winter days an Adriana Black Fur Felt Hat.
Update your accessories now and simply say….

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