Relief for Aching Feet

I have been looking at these shoes for two weeks…left in my classroom by one of my teen students.  I cannot image attempting to wear them now.  Foot problems are hereditary with the women in my family.  Now that I am working out, my feet seem to face more “challenges.”

I will say that going “all leather” with my flats has made a huge difference.  I purchased three pair of new leather flats and they are the most comfortable shoes I have owned.

Also, I am very faithful with my pedicures and it helps so much…not to mention relief and happy toes!

Also, I would like to recommend the following products:

Sad to admit, but my toes are curling significantly on one foot and FOOT GLIDE helps keep the corns away!  Any problem likely to cause blisters or pain from rubbing, should be handled with this product.  I really like it after using for a week.

I was afraid of this little machine at first, but the AMOPE PEDI PERFECT FOOT FILE does not tickle and will quickly and easily deal with dry skin in between your pedicures.  I thought it was going to tickle my feet too much to use, but it doesn’t …it feels great!

Finally, I love a good, minty foot rub and the wintergreen scent is so refreshing with FREEMAN’S BARE FOOT REPAIR.  This product is more to relieve pain from muscles and it works!  It is a gift to give yourself after a heated workout or run.  My husband likes it for his marathon training.

Some of my ways to have HAPPY FEET!!
Now, have a happy Sunday!
Come back this evening and I will show you my favorite remedy for my feet! Also, the Vitamix contest is nearing an end…go to the top of the sidebar!
Disclaimer:  I was provided foot products for review, and I am a member of the Amazon Associates Program.


    1. Thanks Karena! All of the links are at the bottom of the post…I could not find these exact flats so they may be sold out, but I originally found them at Dillards at the end of August…they are so comfortable and I love the bronze color!

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