“I am so humbled by this honor.  My family has been blessed more than we could imagine.”  These were the words of my co-worker, Glennis, as she told me the story of the latest news received by her family. 

 Her 86-year-old father was to be honored for his service in the Army for 30 years.  He is a veteran of both the Korean and Vietnam Wars and was invited last weekend for the American Veteran’s Center 17th Annual Conference and Honors celebration weekend.

There was a special tribute during the conference for the 4 members of the 65th Infantry Regiment, “Borinqueneers,” who “exhibited extraordinary service” during and after the Korean War. For their service, they were awarded the Raymond G. David Award, and their families were invited to experience Washington D.C. with them…including receptions at the British Embassy and a Gala Ball!  Glennis was beside herself with excitement. “We are a close family from Puerto Rico and nothing in our wildest dreams could have ever prepared us for this trip,” Glennis said.

This is where I come in…she called lamenting, I have nothing to wear.  I need to look amazing on a budget…Could we go to Goodwill?  GOODWILLSA was more than happy to send some funds and fulfill this request.  They have a heart for veterans and recently opened a GOODWILLSA VETERANS ASSISTANCE CENTER at the new location at Bulverde Road and 1604.

We had so much fun shopping and I really believe Glennis went to Washington dressed as the Puerto Rican version of Jacqueline Kennedy!

She wore the black sweater dress pictured above with pearls, black hose, and heels to the British Embassy….where she met and spoke with Winston Churchill’s granddaughter!  We found jackets, pencil skirts, and sweaters for the other appointments. Glennis had never tried a pencil skirt and sweater…can you believe it… she thought she was too big in the hips for a pencil skirt.  You should have seen the smile on her face when she looked in the mirror!!

This tunic and leggings provided a cute, comfortable travel outfit.

Yes, this was a major event in Washington D.C. which included functions at embassies and tours with the State Department. Where did we buy quality, designer, beautiful clothing?  At Goodwill!

Thanks goes to GOODWILLSA for helping Glennis smile through a beautiful weekend and for all they do to assist our veterans!

Now, Congratulations goes to Terry Alberts, the winner of the beautiful Foxcroft Cardigan. Make sure you enter to win the IOMA-Paris Eye Makeup Remover…go to the sidebar!

 Have a warm Wednesday, everyone! 

Disclosure: Goodwill provided gift cards to assist Glennis with her wardrobe!

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