Seeing Holiday Red in Full Swing!

I went to the mall for an appearance Saturday and who was waving at me…Santa Claus!  Set up a little early this year.  It is as if Mother Nature and the retailers had a meeting over the summer…She said, “You guys get things rolling before Thanksgiving and I will supply the weather!”  It felt so festive that the decor and music did not seem out of place.

With the onslaught of early cold and raining weather for our part of the country, I pulled out all of my coats and sweaters.  I love it and it does get me ready to celebrate all of the holidays over the next couple of months!

What do you think…too early?

The color red is perfect for right now whether in the holiday mood or not.  I love this VINCE CAMUTO WRAP TOP, I recently picked up at DILLARDS.  It is a lovely top for my LAFAYETTE 148 NEW YORK PANTS.

Add my JENNIFER LOPEZ TRENCH AT KOHLS…a leopard umbrella…and I am good to go out in the rain.  This trench is one of those pieces which looks way more expensive than what I paid for it (out of season clearance last year).  I always get compliments on it and people ask if I found it at one of the luxury retailers!

This JJILL PENDANT NECKLACE is one of their top sellars! I love it with the leather top!
JJill has fun accessories!

I am one of those who loves the joy and the giving spirit of Christmas…so it really can’t come too early for me.  As the song says, We need a little Christmas! Right this very minute!”


Have a Joyful Start to Your Week!


  1. I wish that retailers would wait until Thanksgiving is over to start with the Christmas stuff. What really breaks my heart is all the retailers that are open on Thanksgiving. That is a day to spend with friends and family. Greed has taken over and it is so sad.

  2. I'm a bit old-fashioned about Christmas season– I don't want to see anything until the day after Thanksgiving. This year… I saw stuff in August!!!

    You look amazing, BTW

  3. I also think it is way too early for all the Christmas decorations. What happened to Thanksgiving? It seems to get earlier and earlier every year, and the pressure starts to mount. And I live where it is snowing! I think that Christmas in November is for retailers. I agree wholeheartedly with fancystuffandprettythings, greed has taken over when it starts this early! Karen

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