Regular readers know how much I love IOMA-PARIS SKINCARE, and here is the visible proof as to why.  While I was at the IOMA counter at SAKS FIFTH AVENUE on Saturday at North Star Mall, they did a before and after skin analysis.  If you look on the right, that was taken April 2013.  The blue lines around my eyes are the deep set lines and wrinkles…the darker the blue, the deeper the wrinkle.  On the left, we see the same area on November 15, 2014!  Look at the difference!! Eyelids and lines underneath the eyes.  You can also tell how much fuller my lips are and the smoother lines around my mouth!  I love their new LIP LIFT… Great product….ask about it at the counter.  IOMA is still a hidden treasure to me and I am anxious to get the word out!  In San Antonio, call Amelia for an appointment, 210-591-3476.

They do complete skin analysis of men and women right at the counter and then trained estheticians go over the results with you! It is really thorough.  I hope those of you near one of the Saks which sell the product will check it out…well worth the time and they will give you product samples to try out for yourself. 
Also, the winner of our IOMA EYE MAKEUP GEL REMOVER Giveaway is Sarah Frye!  Congratulations Sarah!  You will love it!

OLIVIA & JOY tapped into my love of autumn colors and sent me this beautiful handbag!  This is perfect for work…will easily carry my tablet, or laptop, and everything else.

They truly have beautiful products…so check them out HERE for holiday gifts or, perhaps, something for yourself!

Yep, this is a used tube of DEEP RELIEF!  Not only am I using the tube sent to me…I will be getting more. It comes from across the ocean and is worth it. The Ibuprofen which reduces inflammation has made a huge difference in my workout!  I usually pull or  twist something and this helps so much.  I highly recommend it.  Just go to DEEP RELIEF FOR SORE MUSCLES.

That’s all for my favorites today….HAVE A WONDERFUL WARM MONDAY, ALL!

Disclosure:  I was provided products from all three of these companies…however the words and opinions are my own!

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