Albertini International Celebrates Friendships, Great Ideas, and Beauty…with a Giveaway!

We love the story line in books and in movies…the one where
a group of women meet in their childhood, form a lifetime connection, and
continue to gather together through the rest of their lives. The story might
include time with the traveling pants or a secret ya, ya sisterhood, but there
is something so sweet and joyous about friendships which withstand time.  Valorie Albertini, founder of Albertini International has enjoyed such a group and actually formed her mission with
their input which lead to a partnership with Janice Petit de
Mange, another group member.
“We call them the Wild Women Weekends,” she told me.  “We have been meeting the third week of July
for the last twenty five years.”  Fifteen
women began their journey in 1969 as Catholic schoolgirls in high school. But,
over the years, their conversation turned from dresses, boys and careers to the
challenges of aging. 
Valorie pursued a
thriving career as a licensed esthetician and lecturer .She worked with and
tested  products for some of the top
names in the industry…Sebastian, Jhirmack, and Tressa.  But, she had noticed a difference in her own
skin at the beginning of menopause.  So,
with the help of her sounding board group of friends, she worked to create
products that would make a difference for women 40+.  Products she did not see offered anywhere
And, this is exactly what she has done.  Beginning with the DIVINE SKIN HYDRATOR.  Hydration is so important for our skin and
the Divine Skin Hydrator locks moisture in right after our showers.  This helps us to provide water inside and
outside…by drinking as much as we can, and using Albertini’s answer on a daily
basis.  No matter the season, we need
Valorie wants to give one of you a chance to win a special
holiday gift bag from Albertini International and see for yourself how
wonderful her products are.  Just
register below by following instructions on the Rafflecopter….winner to be announced on December 16!
You can find all of the products on their website HERE!  I have tried the DIVINE SKIN HYDRATOR and the PUMPKIN EXFOLLIATING MASQUE (which my daughter tried to take away from me!) and they are
wonderful…your skin is very happy after the shower. The men in myfamily love to use the ROUGH LOVE followed with the Skin Hydrator!  Even the men in my Valorie is obviously listening and working to bring women
past forty glowing, soft skin.

Now, that is worth a celebration with the girlfriends any day!

Have a great Sunday, all…make sure you enter!

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