Fabrizio-Gianni Jackets: Fabulous Fit

Meet my friend, Tina…she is wearing her new jacket…and she wears it so well! I have written about FABRIZIO-GIANNI before and how much I
like their garments.  The fabrics are
silky, cool, and luxurious. 

So, I wanted you to see their work on a different body type from mine to appreciate just how flattering the fit is in this beautiful PLAID SAWYER JACKET.  This is such a great
piece for dressing up or down, and check out that amazing sale price! She
decided to wear it with her jeans and Texas Cowboy Boots…because that is how we do it down here.  The flattering seams are just perfection
hitting in all the right places.  The
only tailoring she will be doing on her new jacket is to hem the sleeves up a
bit…for her shorter arms.

I wear my blue tunic from the same designer almost once a month because I love the
soft fabric, and bright blue color…it goes so well with my leggings.

What is your favorite garment so far during our colder
winter months??

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Disclosure:  Fabrizio-Gianni provided Tina the jacket for this post.


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