From PANIC to JOY…Taking Stock of 2014!

I hope all who celebrated Christmas had a joyous one! We were blessed to have all three children, a grandson, and a DIL with us! 
 This top picture was one of my first taken last January 2014.  Looking into this beautiful sky gave me assurance the year would be a good one. But, of course, it was not without its challenges.

This sign hung in my classroom most of the year placed there by my newspaper staff… and proved to be an omen of things to come.  Twenty three of my closest co-workers would suddenly be gone…my workplace changed dramatically from what I had known for 15 years.

However, in re-evaluating the year, I am going to take my own advice and count my blessings…all in all, 2014 was amazing!  First, let’s begin with weight lifting.  I continued to see it through and join my friends twice a week at 5AM for strength training.  Just within our little group, we have faced many physical challenges, but for the most part we hung in there with trainer, BZ!
Second, I began Jenny Craig, and to date I am down 21 pounds (however, that has probably gone up a bit during the last two weeks).  Yet, today I am back at it!

Third on the list is my hair.  I have had long hair the majority of my life, but the last ten years tried it shorter.  This year I began to grow it back and I feel more like me!!

Fourth, with the help of the beauty experts at IOMA-PARIS, BOBBI BROWN, and YSL…all at my local SAKS FIFTH AVENUE.  I began a strict beauty routine…and love the results!  I really do feel younger and vibrant after putting my face on!

A different blessing for number five was that I caught skin cancer early and decided to take care of it immediately.  Three minor surgeries back to back were challenging but necessary.  Get your full body exams, everyone, it pays off!

I celebrated thirty years of marriage to my wonderful husband. As we age together, we get better about facing challenges together…and we are both working on staying healthy, active, and relevant in our careers. At 58, he joined an MBA program and is a student again.

In 2014, I began a special series on Thursdays called, I MATTER.  This is an reminder for all of us to take care of ourselves and make sure we are on our own priority list.  I have met some amazing women who believe they matter…and it has been a reminder to myself to do important things for myself.

Which leads me to my next 2014 accomplishment.  I completed an online college course about managing fashion and luxury companies in order to learn more about the fashion industry.  I really loved doing this and just could not get enough of the lectures. The instruction and supplementing materials were such high quality.  It was a joy to love the class just for the sake of education and not to worry about a grade or what it meant to an overall GPA!  I hope to do more of this in the future.  All of the classes at COURSERA are free!

2014 was a HUGE year for over50feeling40!  So many amazing new readers and incredible new sponsors to work with and enjoy!  I appreciate every single one of you in both catagories.

I believe we are all coming together to inform and inspire women 40+ to enjoy life and look and feel our best.

Blogging has opened so many fun and important doors.  I am honored to continue to work with the ladies of MIDLIFE BOULEVARD to bring information each week and to look toward the FIRST NATIONAL CONVENTION FOR MIDLIFE BLOGGERS in March.  I also enjoy all of the bloggers from both of my local blogging associations. Plus, I have new collaborations with Katherine’s Corner and the Thursday Blog Hop, and Fashion Flash on Mondays!  All of these women are so impressive and energizing.

I think every year will bring moments we want to PANIC AND FREAK OUT.  But, ultimately it is the blessings which hopefully take over.  For me spending time with family about to move very far away has been a blessing and a joy.  The smiles of this little one and my daughter are infectious and put all of life in perspective.

I don’t know what 2015 holds…I am currently pondering some goals and objectives…of course, I will share them with my online friends.  In the last five years, you have become family as well…and I wish the best New Year’s celebration for you all.

What are your blessings from 2014?  Please share with us.

Then, have a joyful weekend!


  1. Loved this recap Pam. You have had an eventful year! I'm so glad to have found your blog – and as I'm working on my life plan for the second half of my life, I find you so inspirational! Looking forward to seeing what 2015 brings.

  2. Pam you have had a year of amazing accomplishments and I have not doubt that 2015 will bring even more surprises. What I love about you my friend is how you handle everything so gracefully and with such strength!

    All the Best,
    The Art by Karena

  3. A beautiful post Pam. Never knew you have had skin cancer. Fantastic that you took care of it immediately.
    That last oicture of your daughter and grandson is precious.
    Lots of respect for you. Especially for doing weight lifting at 5 a.m. Gosh.
    And eh.. I think long hair suits you very well. You have such beautiful hair.

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