Would You Wear It Wednesday?!

Thanks for getting this new segment off to a great start!  For anyone new to the blog, this is the day, you tell us what you think.
Look at this picture and answer one simple question…. Would You Wear It? Please explain…why or why not?

Today’s outfit comes from SAKS FIFTH AVENUE.  I saw it last week when visiting the local store.
But, I do not give my opinion…at least not now.  I only want to hear from you.

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Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Also San Antonio, remember tomorrow at SAKS…
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  1. This is something I would definitely wear. I love the color of the tunic top, and the style of the outfit in general. I think the longer top over narrow bottoms is a great look. And it is also forgiving, for those of us who have the middle we wish would vanish! This is beautiful! Karen

  2. I would absolutely love to wear this – this is so elegant looking. The style suits me and is slimming and it is appropriate for so many occasions. I am also a sucker for anything with a hint of the orient. The cream slacks look attractive and comfortable too. I see that she is lounging about in the shoe department – are those her mannequin feet or shiny boots she is wearing?

  3. Pam, I would absolutely wear this, in fact, I'm going to look for it in our local Saks. I love drama that's not over the top….just one statement piece, whether it is jewelry or part of an outfit………and the color……..perfect for me! Angela Muller

  4. Is that a Tory Burch tunic? I like the look but I don't think it would look good on me. I love seeing this particular style on other people though, for sure.

  5. Love the look, but not on me. I have a long torso and shorter legs — this would not be flattering as it would probably make my legs look even shorter. Love the color, though!!

  6. I definitely like the general look…but that deep V is not for me. I would at least wear a camisole under it! But no, I'm guessing that once I tried on something with such a deep V it just wouldn't be right. But in general, this is my fav look: a long tunic top over slim pants or leggings: oh so comfortable and stylish!

  7. I would definitely wear the top, the color is great and the cut looks very forgiving! Not much of a khakis girl, though, so probably with jeans.

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