I want you to know I am taking my New Year’s resolution quite seriously.  I do plan to hold myself accountable to have more COURAGE this year…take a few risks…step out of my comfort zone.  I have a secret list of ideas for making COURAGE a reality.

So, when comedian Steve Harvey appeared on ABC’s THE CHEW over my holiday break to discuss roads and roadblocks to success, I listened closely. He has written a new book, ACT LIKE A SUCCESS, THINK LIKE A SUCCESS.  It is not a typical comedian’s script but what he learned while sleeping on the streets as a homeless adult to now being one of the top entertainers in the country who is paid very well for all of his endeavors.

Believe me, I do not desire to be an award winning television star…I wouldn’t turn it down…but that is not my goal.  But, as an over 60 woman, I want to grab every remaining opportunity and experience life to it’s fullest.  I wanted to see if I could learn from his book.  And I have.

Harvey writes, “I have seen too many smart, talented, gifted people stay in the same vehicle too long. If you notice you are working hard and smart, connected to a vehicle and clear on your vision, but every day you seem to move less and less, it’s time to upgrade. It’s time to take another class, join a new organization, or start a new business. Look, if you are committed to your gift, and you are growing and perfecting it, you will know when your gift is becoming too much for the vehicle.”

I have been pondering that one for at least the last week.  His book gives homework to think through the principles.  He also writes…NO EXCUSES.  So, I really need to stop listening to those little voices which say YOU ARE TOO OLD TO GO FORWARD.

If you are interested in hearing more, then just go to this link…HERE  But, I will keep you up to date when something significant happens on my road to be COURAGEOUS and yes, SUCCESSFUL!

Have a fabulous Friday, all!

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