Would You Wear It Wednesday: Pants Short & Wide Plus How to Wear Winter White!

Welcome to Would You Wear It Wednesday…a place where you can tell retailers and designers what you really think.  Yesterday, I reported HERE …this is THE YEAR OF THE PANT.

Many retailers are featuring this shorter, wider version of pants…with some showing an even shorter, culotte version.  You can see behind this mannequin in DILLARDS, another one with a black wider-leg pant.

So, let us know…would you wear it?  Would you at least try it on to see how it looks?  Please explain your answers.

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Also, make sure your join the fashionable bloggers of HOW I WEAR MY for how they wear their winter white…go to RICH LIFE ON A BUDGET and EVERYTHING JUST SO!  for great looks.

Have a Happy, happy Wednesday!!


  1. I'm sorry, but I've worked my butt off to NOT have to wear big ole pants like that…to wear nice slim-legged pants, and I'm not going back for 'fashion.' So…nope. 🙂

  2. For me, definitely not. Unless you are reed thin, I think it would be really difficult to pull this look off. To my eye, the super wide legs on the pants and the length seem very frousy, and like Gwen, I've worked very hard to not have to wear big pants. I far prefer a slim leg style, which I think is flattering and makes us look thinner. I could see these pants if they were long, like for evening, but positively not at this length. The top, to me, is just so-so. Kind of reminds me of the scrubs I see everyday at the hospital! Karen

  3. I definitely would give this look a try. I might be able to pull it off depending on the cut of the pants. Thank you for joining us for HIWM and thank you so much for linking to us, that is so nice of you! XO, Jill

  4. I already responded, but didn't mention if I'd at least try it on, or say anything about the black outfit behind the pink and blue one. The black one reminds me of something you would not see in 'real life', but only on a runway on one of those reed thin models. I would not try on either one because I think it would be depressing, and I don't need to feel that way! I'm not tall enough to pull off these looks, and I think on shorter people, the leaner we can look, the taller we appear. To me, these looks visually diminish, "shorten" the wearer. What I see is not the person, but the clothing pieces.

  5. I have never tried them. I do know that the very skinny pants make me look like a golf tee…that is not good, right?

    I am finding that a little tighter is flattering in it's own way. I think it is all about the balance between the top and bottom.

  6. When I first saw the picture (without reading the entire post) I thought definitely not for me. After reading the entire post I rethought my first reaction and know I would try at least try them on to see how they looked.

  7. I have learned that since I am Short-waisted that it is better to wear an A-Line Skirt with a Blazer or Cardigan that comes down to the middle of my hips. This lengthens my torso. Also learning what your Colors to wear are helps big time. Keeps people from asking if we are not feeling well all the time if you learn what your FLOW Colors are. Do a google search and you should find it easy enough.

  8. I actually just bought a pair of thinner jeans designed like that from Soft Surroundings. Love them. Of course, on me, they are full length. Which is awesome. Because I have the hardest time finding pants that aren't too long!

  9. No, I wouldn't. It's too much fabric and volume for my petite frame. If I were to wear the top, I would balance it with a fitted trouser or visa versa.

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