Energized by Spring…with Leopard to Kick It Off!

The icing-on-the-cake for teachers are all of the holidays…and Spring Break always arrives at the perfect time! This year I was energized, educated, inspired, and re-vitalized by the BAM conference and all of the impressive local women I met in San Antonio the week after! For those who remember my BFF, Gigi, she was in town and we sat in a restaurant for four hours just catching up.  Miss her so much! She was the one who talked me into blogging years ago.

You have to get out and get moving, girls, to enjoy all that is going on around us!  It helps to look and feel your best and this outfit is the one which went home with me from ELIZABETH’S BOUTIQUE! I love this little touch of leopard…which works for any season, any year, any time!  And boutique owner, Elizabeth Abbot, has her own brand of pants including a tummy slimmer and I love them! This is a secret weapon.  I believe more women tell me they have trouble finding good pants than any other garment. In San Antonio, we are lucky to have Elizabeth’s own label of pants.

I will be returning for other colors of these pants…comfortable and stylish…and she even convinced me to go down a size…Woo Hoo!

I heading off Monday for work in leopard and red… fierce…(come back later to hear about this fun purse.)

As I write, the birds are singing and the air is refreshing…don’t you just love springtime?

Note:  I bought the shoes last summer from NORDSTROM…they are by Halogen.

Time for Fashion Flash!

Join us on Monday,when another amazing lady, Barbara Gufferman of BEST OF EVERYTHING AFTER 50, will host this event of fashion, beauty, and health bloggers for the midlife woman! Barbara is located at HERE FOR FASHION FLASH.


May birds sing for everyone this week!


  1. Hello Pam, I also wore leopard yesterday. In miserable England my leopard took the form of a cowl neck tunic and leggings. Versatile little print isn't it. I also love red splashed amongst the animal print. I've used red necklaces or belts.

  2. I have a leopard top–it was all the rage about 10 years ago, but really, for me I feel it is aging. Then again, I've seen it ON KIDS and it feels so in appropriate there!

  3. I feel youthful and fun in this one, Carol. it has everything to do with the design and fit of the garment. You could pull it out and try a re-style and see what you think! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I'm a fan of animal prints and love your jacket. I think it's important to be mindful of scale, like you have done here.This is where you pretty much have to stand there in front of the mirror and make sure the print doesn't overwhelm (or underwhelm!) your frame. Love incorporating them into accessories too! Those are great shoes! Karen

  5. I learned to embrace leopard last year and I love it. This outfit is gorgeous on you, and I love the new bag.

  6. Indeed Pam, this jacket is even nicer than the black and white one you tried on. I love it. Such a frivolous, happy, creative jacket. Love the buttons. Great that you paired it with a red bag. And trousers which are slimming on your tummy…. what an invention.

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