#WouldYouWearIt Wednesday: Long, Printed Jackets and Vests Plus A SPECIAL FEATURE!

I have seen them everywhere…longer printed jackets, dusters, and vests.  Very in-style right now…and a look I personally have liked for a long time!

I especially love the ones by ETRO, which can be found at NEIMAN MARCUS and SAKS FIFTH AVENUE.  I really like their boho-print selections.  I can only dream of owning one…but I really do love their looks!

Right now, you can locate all types, all price points in a variety of places.

Now it’s your turn…what do you think of these printed, longer looks. Would You Wear It?  Tell us…why or why not!

Hey Everyone, I just found out I am Featured today 40 Plus Style! Thanks to Sylvia!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. I love, love, love these Pam! I have held on to one I wore at my nephew's Bar Mitzvah 6 years ago but I don't know if it's back in fashion. I think it was an Ann Taylor and was brown and eggshell, very long and a little heavy. But it looked cute with an eggshell skirt. I hope I can wear it again! I loved a few of these that you offered – beautiful!

  2. I don't think this is for me. I like the look, and I do wear tunic length tops with slim jeans and leggings, but I think I would feel like I was drowning in a jacket like this for some reason. I do like them with the cropped pants, that is a good look. I just don't feel like this look is "me." Karen

  3. I love tunic length in general and feel thatthe longer look is very elegant. The key is to maintain the shape of the body, so the boxy ones aren't so flattering. Also that flowered one is very aging.

  4. I like the look, but personally it depends on the fabric. I have shorter legs so anything to heavy or bulky makes me look short and chubby. A lightweight, fluid fabric works well, though.

  5. Not sure I could carry it off…or have the place to wear one-feel a little too dramatic. But, I do like the boho-print one you've shown. Love the long semi-sheer cream colored sweater at Eileen Fisher that is new this spring.
    There is an Australian series on Netflix, Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries–she wears the most fabulous clothes, and often has a long jacket like these you've featured. Worth a watch for a variety of reasons.

  6. I might do a long printed jacket, though I have noticed I tend to go with one solid color in a jacket or sweater and bring the pattern and color in through scarves.

  7. the floral ones look so heavy and melodramatic. after all these years of black black black, maybe it takes some getting used to. I like the length of some of the shorter ones. I would find the long ones hard to wear where I live [mid-Atlantic] –too much for indoors and too overdone for outdoors. It would take a specific occasion for me to want to wear one.

  8. I love the tunic length. I tend to shy away from loud patterns so I could most easily see myself wearing the first one. I like the Asian flavour of the last one but without trying it on, I'm not sure that I'd actually wear it.

  9. I like those jackets, they suit me very well, but I won't buy them as I have seen them for a couple of years now and I. Am afraid the trend might be over next year. I am also craving after fitted jackets now that we have had wide blouses and jackets for such a long time.

  10. I like them but not on me. They do remind me of the kimonos that are also everywhere. I recently bought one of those. It's grayish silk and even kind of drab on the outside, but it has a striped silk lining that is very nice. I'm hoping that it's as practical a piece of clothing as it seems.

  11. I purchased a large floral print, vintage wrap dress that I use as a duster. I dress it up in a boho style. So yes, if the print and cut were suitable, I would wear the look.

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