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This is a post which ran on Good Friday…since it was a holiday weekend, I wanted to run this again and give everyone a chance to hear about this unique, exfoliation, detox product!

I have learned so much in the last five years about health and beauty for the women of midlife and beyond.  There are critical basics of good sensible care…and let me tell you, it is better to implement knowledge earlier rather than later.  I have been fascinated with many products; but, perhaps, most fascinated with the BAIDEN MITTEN. I thought I pretty much understood exfoliation …until this product came my way.   Here is what I have learned from the creators:

·  Baiden Mitten is not actually a beauty product, it is a health product with powerful detoxing action, but the side effect is beautiful skin and why it is marketed as a beauty product. Skin is called the “3rd kidney” in natural therapies’ circles, because if it is functioning properly, a great amount of toxins can be flushed from the body.
·  One of the main reasons for aging is the fact that as we age we accumulate more and more toxins in our bodies, which effect all the body processes. You can see exactly how “real” aging should look like if you look at many elderly raw vegans – Mimi Kirk would be a great example. She was chosen “Sexiest vegetarian over 50” at the age of 71 and has a boyfriend 20 years her junior :

·  When we are young, the natural skin exfoliation process (which keeps the pores clean and aids the elimination of toxins) takes only a couple of days, in older people this process slows down to a crawl and the thick top layer of dead skin starts to constrict us like a strait jacket, blocking the pores and keeping the toxins within our bodies thus effectively poisoning us. Body toxicity is the single biggest reason for most diseases. What Baiden Mitten does is kick starts the exfoliation process again, lets the toxins flow out thus truly rejuvenating the body. It is a holistic health tool.


People over 40 can experience more initial challenges when starting with Baiden Mitten than younger people…but read on …….


1.It can take a little bit longer to get the process going effectively, not only because there is more “backlog” but also because as a general rule, older people are more dehydrated. The body uses water to dilute the ever increasing mountain of toxins and keeps flashing too much water out in an attempt to keep toxins levels down. When there is not enough water in the body, the skin cells become flaccid and Baiden Mitten finds it hard to get a good grip on such a soft surface without the backing of firm, healthy water logged cells underneath the dead skin layer.
2.      If you have ever been on a health kick, you will be aware that there is such a thing as “healing crisis”. When the body suddenly finds a good channel to get rid of backlog of toxins it flushes them out in a huge big rush. If you do an internal cleanse you might get a flu like symptoms. With the skin detox, people can experience things like breakouts (it was really strange for me to get pimples in my 50s ha-ha), rashes, excessively oily skin etc. 
3.      Older people have thinner skin therefore we had few clients who reported an initial mild grazing of the skin, which went away really quickly though.

·  Luckily, the advantages of using Baiden Mitten far outweigh the initial negatives:
1.       Since natural exfoliation cycle is again activated, the body starts producing more skin cells, faster. That not only gives you a whole lot of new skin cells which are a lot better looking than old ones, but the new ones (with a little time) start to fill up with collagen. Lots of ladies report that they feel like they have had a face lift after starting to use Baiden Mitten, because their skin has tightened. Also for this reason a lot of wrinkles get shallower.
2.      Skin becomes a lot more resilient. Baiden Mitten banishes “sensitive skin” skin for good. It will make it stronger, healthier and sun friendly (healthy skin with open pores produces sebum which has natural SPF properties so you don’t get burnt so easily and also when you tan, the color is brown, not red). For many the fact that their skin does not hurt any more is the most significant result they achieved with the mitten.
3.      Older ladies tend to buy more expensive beauty products, but the problem is – they spread them over a really thick layer of dead skin. So pretty much – the money goes down the drain. Once the whole dead skin layer is removed not only will those products be able to do their job, but you will need a lot less of them. That alone will pay for the price of Baiden Mitten manifold.
4.      The itchy skin of menopause will be gone. (Yeah!)
5.      Excessive skin dryness, large pores, keratosis pilaris (the mitten does magic for eliminating those) etc. are all helped with the mitt.
6.      While lots of people are aware that exfoliation is the key to skin maintenance as you age, products that scratch the skin’s surface (such as microbeads) not only do a really poor job of exfoliation, but also clog our waterways. Loofahs and scrubbing gloves also work on scratching the top layer off rather than lifting it off like the Baiden Mitten does.
7.      As the body uses water and fat to stabilize toxins with, opening a major channel to let the toxins flow out will help somewhat with water retention issues as well as reducing some surface fat. Of course, there is a limit to that, because most of those issues are more than just skin deep.
8.     Lastly, so many people buy into the lie propagated by the cosmetic companies that you should treat every body part separately. It is as ridiculous as saying “I want to detox just a top left corner of the liver”. It is either all or nothing. Baiden Mitten cleanses the entirely the biggest organ in our body which is the skin, which in turn has a major effect on reducing body toxicity as a whole.

So far, husband and I really like using the mitten and back scrub in the shower…no side effects…and we have done this for several weeks.   I look forward to all the benefits…love the idea of flushing more toxins.
You can find Baiden Mitten and see how it works HERE.

This is a sponsored post.


  1. This is certainly an eye-opener. Yikes, I had no idea this was so involved. On one hand, it's scary when you think about what is happening with the toxins, and on the other hand it's nice to know there is something we can do about it. Thanks for showcasing this product! Karen

  2. Thank you for sharing this! I did read it on Good Friday, immediately did a little Googling and then ordered the system. It's already on its way, and I can hardly wait to benefit from using it.

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