Girl-Time, Fun-Time, Springtime …. all at Elizabeth’s Boutique

Take a group of vibrant ladies, one amazing esthetician, fabulous fashions and jewelry in a gorgeous boutique and you have one fun evening!  That was our event last Thursday at ELIZABETHS BOUTIQUE in San Antonio on Hwy. 1604.

Most of the ladies were shopping for color and pants!  Elizabeth easily delivered perfect fits in both!

Elizabeth Abbott, boutique owner, is so good at stretching boundaries for women and showing us new ways to look and feel out best.  She has taught me much about fit.  So, I took home a really amazing fit in printed leggings.

It was such a fun evening…Monica’s Salon and Spa came with her quality selection of beauty products and introduced the guests to new ideas for thinning hair, BB creams, and anti-aging care….with those incredible hand massages which relaxed all of us. 
Fun times with the girls!  For those in San Antonio, please give these two ladies a visit!

Rena asked below about online purchases!  Elizabeth told me to pass along…you can go to the FaceBook page to order items, or call at 210-490-7774.  If you click on her Boutique name above, you will get the Facebook page.  Seems you do not have to be in SA…how much fun is that!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Disclaimer: I did receive clothing for promoting this event, but my words are my own.


  1. Yes, please share the information on thinning hair. Better yet do a series on it including listing of products! Loved the clothes in this post.

  2. Why is it I go shopping in stores and never find what I want and then you do to a store and take pictures and there is not one thing that I didn't love! Those black capri's with the little cutouts, I have to have! Does she have sell online and ship? There are so many things that I fell in love with! My husband and I had to cancel our trip that way this fall but am hoping to get to reschedule one day soon and this trip will be a "must stop"! Could you send me the website stuff is she has one?

    1. Because of you, sweet Rena, I got in touch with Elizabeth and updated ordering online above. Just look at the end of the post for the info. Thanks for asking…those pants you mentioned are so cute!

  3. The details on those Capri pants are seriously fun!! This looks like a terrifc boutique. Boutique shopping is my favorite because then I don't wear what everyone else has!! Love the leggings on you!!

  4. I love your outfit. It is beautiful. Not just by itself but on you! Which is what counts most. And that necklace is so good with it. I hope you didn't walk out of that shop with only the trousers and the top, but took the necklace too. And I would not call these trousers leggings. They are really trousers. If they were leggings, they would be snug around your calves.

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