Goodwill SA: Helping Me Play Hostess

Recently, I confessed my desire for a long kimono just for the purpose of entertaining at home…and, of course, GOODWILL SA filled my request…for there I find the best thrift shopping.
I was looking for something that was reminescent of Meryl Streep’s kimono in It’s Complicated.  I think this is so much fun for an evening in…comfortable and stylish.
I love going to Goodwill with a wardrobe mission…it makes the treasure hunting so much fun.  I do not know what this garment was originally designed for…but for me, it was what I had in mind, and at $3.99…you just cannot beat it.
 This will make for a special evening! Goodwill SA helps our community so much…giving back and providing several locations with shopping adventures!  I found my kimono at Loop 1604 and Bulverde Road.  It’s a keeper!
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  1. I love your gorgeous Kimono Pam! I went online shopping for one the moment I saw you post about them last time. I haven't been as lucky as you….yet:)
    Let's chat this week!!

  2. I really believe San Antonio has the best Goodwill anywhere! We have so many locations and amazing donors. It is always fun to stop by one! Thanks Beata!

  3. We have great Goodwill stores in SA…they make this type of shopping super fun. Keep looking…I know you will find one. I saw some great ones the other day on ETSY. Thanks Jennifer.

  4. I really liked Meryl Streep's style in this movie. Sometimes I find myself getting more into the clothes than the story!! Thanks for stopping by Karen!

  5. Well done! Goodwill is the absolute BEST. I have so many things from there, and I miss it a lot, living over here in the UK now. When I go back home, I spend HOURS in the local one…no item gets left un-looked-at!

  6. Thanks Carol! I love shopping Goodwill because it really is a treasure hunt and stretches my creativity! Have a great day…if you stop by your Goodwill, let me know what you find!

  7. I love wardrobe missions, too, and have given myself many challenges. However, I've given up on the kimono. Yours looks extremely luxurious (great find) but I've finally decided they just don't work for me. I'll continue to enjoy them from afar. Like yours!!!

  8. I recently found a kimono at a vintage store. You made out better than I did. I love the Goodwill too. It's amazing what you can find.


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