Now, Join Me on Video…Plus WOULD YOU WEAR IT?

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  I am so excited to begin my venture into video…and that is no April Fool’s!  Watch…share…and then please comment on this latest trend…Would you Wear It?  Such an exciting way to begin a new month..if you like this idea, please subscribe to my Youtube channel!!

This style is everywhere in stores and at all price points for Spring 2015. You will see either a solid top on a skirt, or a solid top lining underneath, with air holes on the bottom in a skirt!  I have also seen the same style in tops, and dresses.

The ball is back in your court!  What do you think of this type of style…would you wear it??  Does it matter if it is top or bottom?

Let us know what you think and why!

Finally….(such an exciting day)…for inspiration ideas visit the How I Wear My Layers Collaboration…to see the looks go to two blogs, EVERYTHING JUST SO and THE RICH LIFE ON A BUDGET…fun looks from the bloggers!

I am linking up today with NANNAHOOD!

Then have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. oh gosh Pam… that was a good video. Of course I could say a few things that (in my eyes) would even improve. But I am not going to. I want to just praize you for speaking for 5 minutes without any uhs or ah's, just a non stop story with no hesitations with what you wanted to express. Really very good. Not many people can do this.
    Your voice is a little higher than I had imagined. So funny to finally hear somebody speak, somebody you thought you knew a bit. I might have to go with this videotrend too. I am dreading it as my voice is really high pitched. A sort of squeeky noise haha.
    And I have no idea what to talk about. I will follow you for a while and see how it should be done. You are my pioneer.

  2. Hi Pam — I LOVE your video!! I've been following your blog for a while now and I feel like I've met your personally! You are inspiring!!

    As for the items above, I'd wear the tops but not the skirt. The little air holes are fun!

  3. I LOVE video Pam!!! How exciting and you're a wonderful storyteller. I guess I am at the beginning of this journey to find myself again and you've been a fabulous help in doing just that. I feel so much better about myself today than I did even a month ago. Thanks so much for being such an inspiration! Loved the new Spring outfits too!

  4. Great video! You did amazingly well to talk for that long and be interesting through to the end. It was a very inspiring story and I'll be watching any others you put up. I'm loving seeing other 50+ women being out there and confident and vibrant – and I'm jumping on for the ride!

  5. I'll check out the video when I get home tonight (blocked at work). I would wear the tops but not the skirt. Also would not wear a dress with the holes, but definitely the tops/jackets. Karen

  6. Great story on your video! I feel like all of us bloggers want to show all women we can be beautiful inside and out, but it's just like anything—that other person has to want it. I used to say in dentistry to a patient "I can't care more for you teeth than you" and it's the same here. Once you find your "aha" moment, it's easy—ok, maybe not easy but obtainable! jodie

  7. Great video, Pam! It's so fun to actually see and hear someone you've been following only through pictures and print! So wonderful and inspiring to hear your story. Thank you!

  8. Nice video Pam.
    And yes, I would wear this style, on top. Yes, yes, yes. Not on bottom because I'm too short-legged. In my Dad's words, my legs are like tree-stumps. (Sturdy) If only I had those long, lady-legs, I would get a skirt like that.

  9. Bravo!!! Fantastic video. I loved it. People can really see you now!! Happy April my friend.
    You've inspired to try video again!!
    Your story is an inspiration to many and your joy is infectious. xoxo

  10. Pam this is a super video and I am VERY impressed! I know this is the way of the future and so I am going to have to get with it! Congratulations on all you have accomplished my friend!

    The Arts by Karena
    Ellipsis: Dual Vision

  11. Loved the video! Glad you tossed the trash bag. We all need to deflect those harmful thoughts — those from others and most importantly, those negative thoughts from ourselves. Great job.

  12. Congratulations on your very first Vlog, Pam! Well done! I can see these videos being perfect for your network and niche. Since your tips and advice are very visual, I'm sure you'll be a success on Youtube! Thanks for sharing your story. That was inspiring :-))

  13. Well done, Pam! I love the video. It is a lovely intro to who you are and what you want to achieve with your blog and Vlog. I look forward to both reading and watching you! xx

  14. Excellent job. Your enthusiasm and conviction is apparent. I feel like I know you. Oh wait, I do! Thanks for being an inspiration to so many!

  15. I'm very impressed with your first video! You did a fantastic job telling your story. I'm looking forward to seeing more. I actually like the "air hole" trend (not sure what else to call it – it's not really mesh). I think it's fun and feminine, and I love the skirt!

  16. Pamela thank you for being an inspiration.I enjoyed your video. I just turned 40 but at times have struggled with it. You give me hope. Also I read your other post about your friend Sandi. She was a lovely inspiration to and does not look over 50! Delighted to visit at the Thursday Fav Things Hop!

  17. Oh, Pam…God bless you for this video and your story, this blog, and your amazing inspiration to so many. I found myself in a dark "I don't care about me" place for about 10 years or so after a divorce. It's not a good space to be in. I still have a lot of work to do, but I've come a long way from where I was. Thank you, Pam for giving hope, encouragement, a sense that we're not alone in this stage of our lives…and the reminder to take care of ourselves..because "I Matter".

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