Color and Courage

2015, so far, has been a year of change.  In January, I sensed my word for the year was COURAGE…and I have faced several challenges head on.  This outfit also represents some courage…because it is a bit more color than I usually wear.  In the past, I might have paired this coral blouse with a soft neutral.  But, the cobalt blue jacket seemed to represent the vibrant stand of going forward with courage I desire to make right now.  I will explain more all in due time!
Color can be made in a simple way just as this blouse and jacket on top of white pants accomplishes.  I really like the look and paired it with this FAUX GEM PENDANT NECKLACE, recently discovered at THE LIMITED.  The gold necklace underneath is from CHICOS.
My brown leather and gold Steve Madden Flats are from MARSHALLS.

Vince Camuto blouse and Peter Nygard jacket were purchased last year at DILLARDS.

White pants are also from CHICOS.

Do you ever dress to make a statement of how you are feeling?  I actually think we do this often…what do you think?

Have a wonderful Wednesday!



  1. The cobalt blue jacket looks stunning on you…I like it worn with white as you have here…I'm wearing a lot more colour than I use to…all due to change in my hair colour; it's fun I'm wearing colours I haven't worn for years! Enjoy the rest of your week, Pam ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I love the cobalt with both the coral and the white. I can also see the coral top with the lighter neutral that you describe. (Nice to have options!) I do love that nail polish! You have beautiful nails! Karen

  3. I loooove both colours – the blue is amazing on you! Looking forward to your big reveal about your next future step ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I love your word for the year Pam. Courage is the master of fear. Anything can be achieved from finding ways to anchor yourself in a mindset of courage – go you!

  5. Dear Pam, You look great from head to toe! I wear cobalt blue a lot with both black and white!
    Keep up the great work you are doing and are so passionate about!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Twombly: Late Paintings

  6. Thanks for being here as always, Karen. I am anxious to try the top with something lighter…even a white jacket and pant look. Thanks for the comment on my nails…so far they are strong and grow quickly! I love this color!

  7. Over and over again this year, I have had to draw on that courage, Ali. It was the perfect word for 2015 ….and I know there is more to come.

  8. Such a stunning combination and outfit on you Pam. If courage is manifested by wearing such a gorgeous shade of blue, then you must do it more often.

  9. Hi Pam, I love you in cobalt blue, especially with the amazing jewelry! You know I am on a jewelry tear these days, swing by my blog and you will see what I mean, ha. Also, you know I love nail polish so I LOVE that you are wearing a vivid OPI! I feel like you are a pretty courageous lady and I hope blue will be a power color for you. xx

  10. I nearly always dress to express how I feel – but sometimes I dress to get to that place where I want to be, you know? Like I'll wear yellow if I want to feel sunny and happy (but am feeling more grey on the inside). Colour can really affect us in that way.

    You look stunning in your deep blue, Pam, just lovely. I hope you are doing okay – I'm sorry I haven't been around (life!). Sending you good vibes, my dear.

  11. That outfit looks great on you ๐Ÿ™‚ I also have been changing up my wardrobe this year — I was tired of wearing such dull clothes because I always bought my clothes in the petite departments which had a limited selection. Recently, so many stores were getting rid of their petites departments that it forced me to look for new, more stylish clothes in small sizes that I could actually wear without looking "juniorish". It has been liberating!

    I also love OPI nail polish!

  12. You definitely should wear bold colors more often! Looking great with the cobalt blue ๐Ÿ™‚ I always dress to make statements. Whether it's a statement of fierceness, fun or simply comfort ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Have a nice weekend!

    Alex – Funky Jungle

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