It’s Honor A Blogger Day Plus White Jean Looks!

There is a national day for just about anything..and many ridiculous things…does anyone really talk like a pirate on TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY?  So, I am officially declaring today HONOR A BLOGGER DAY!

You can send a word bouquet about your favorite blogger right here!  Just leave their name and URL in the comments and tell us why you love their blog!

Recently, it broke my heart to read bloggers criticizing other bloggers for a type of work they do.  I guess, sadly, girls will be girls…but as I learned growing up…If you can’t say something nice, don’t say it at all!  Think before you post.

Rather, let’s support and encourage one another.  Now, another rule for the comments…as wonderful as you all can be to me, don’t talk about this blog…share another with us!  I want to tell you about one of my favorites, Katie, at Katherine’s Corner.  I love her creativity, her recipes, and genuine kindness for others.  I feel as though we are good friends, though we have never met face to face.  I am honored to be a part of her Thursday Blog Hop team.  She occasionally sends little gifts in the mail…just because she is such a sweetheart.  Katie, you are doing a great job!

Now, who would you like to tell us about and send kudos their way!  May we all find paths to be more positive and support one another!  In fact, I will do this occasionally and let’s make it a hashtag….#HonorABlogger!

Have a Joyous Wednesday…
(See you tomorrow for something fun!)

Now, I want to honor two bloggers doing a great job with the How I Wear My….and today, they feature HOW I WEAR MY WHITE JEANS!

Visit both sites:



  1. I would like to send Kudos to Glenda of "So What To Twenty." Glenda is always so upbeat and positive. I love reading her blog because it makes me feel positive too. She has a sense of fun, confidence and spontaneity that is inspiring. Glenda seems like "Everywoman" in that I can really relate to her, yet she is so unique that she helps me think in new ways! Love her blog! Karen

    1. Oh my gosh, this is so sweet. Thank you Karen!!! It's just coming on 7 am in California and this kind message gave me the jolt I needed to get this day started.

  2. There are so many I really cannot name just one blogger Pamela.
    I will say this, there are so many astounding bloggers of many types, Home design, The Arts, DIYers, mommy bloggers, fashion and lifestyle, etc. I really respect anyone out there is is writing about their passion, sharing, and respect that fact so much!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. First of all, your blog is my go-to every morning, as is skinny kitchen. But I follow so many awesome women's work that I couldn't pick just one. They do remind me of a mixed floral bouquet, each one a different color and style but beautiful in their own way.

  4. A bouquet back to you, Pam, for the extraordinary work you do on your blog. It's encouraging, warm, and represents woman power in a very elegant way.

  5. Wow Carol. I'm so touched by your comment above. Thank you!!!
    There are so many blogs I admire. Bloggers are the hardest working, most compassionate people I know. Today I'd like to honor my wonderful friend Kathy Kadigan from My Dishwashers Possessed. I'm in awe of her and all she does in light of the many challenges she has with her kids. And she does it all with humor.

  6. I'm going to honor Jennifer, at Well Styled Life. It' not just that we both have style/fashion blogs, she has been very support of me as a "newish" blogger. I like her style, all of it.


  7. Pam, what a GREAT idea! I love the #HonorABlogger. Let's use it throughout the year!

    I'm going to sing the praises of my friend and fellow blogger Jennifer Connolly at A Well Styled Life, Her blog is a great resource for us midlife women. Jennifer shares style, fashion and lifestyle ideas, along with snippets of her life that will keep you amused! You'll feel like she's a friend in no time.
    Thanks again Pam for this great concept. Perhaps we can do a monthly 'Round Robin' of sorts?

    1. Thanks so much Kimberly! I knew we'd be friends even before I met you at BAM! I love how your blog is growing. It reaches right into my feelings and you say it better that I can!! You go girlfriend.

  8. So many blogs and bloggers I admire. For so many reasons! I'll name a few: Rena at Diary of an Alzheimers Caregiver, Carol at Carol Cassara, Karen/Wendy at After the Kids Leave and Pearl at Pearl Why You Little. Then there's Susan and Lana and Delores and Jenny and River and Joanne . . . the list could go on forever!

    1. You named some of my favorites, Diane. I think particularly Rena is doing such an important service with her blog…I know she has helped a friend of mine who is also a caregiver.

    2. Well, I would have to add you both right back! Diane you have been such a huge inspiration to me since the day I hit that publish button it seems and Pam you've been such a great friend when I really needed it the most…and still do! I really appreciate it ladies you both made my day to day! I would also have add Lana and Susan and definitely Carol and so many more! I love this idea though it sure made my day extra special!

    3. What a lovely idea this post is Pam! I read it when you published it, but needed time to think before I commented. I can't begin to name all the bloggers I would like to mention here – then this would become a post instead of a comment! Taking time to think didn't help me to narrow it down at all – the list just kept getting longer!
      I appreciate the mention here Diane and Rena – if indeed it was this "Susan" to whom you were referring! Right back at you both, and Pam. I agree with all the bloggers you both and Pam have mentioned here, that I really enjoy as well.
      I would honor ALL the women of midlife, for it is there that I find the most support!

  9. Thanks for posting this Pam. I love how you always speak from your heart. Mean girls grow into mean women. It's a shame and I think this idea of building each other up is the best!!! I'd nominate you, because of all the help you've given me. You are always there for me with friendship, honesty and wisdom.

  10. Melanie Jeanne Juneau at So grounded. Faith-filled without being preachy. I get tickled by most everything she writes.

  11. Pam, thank you SO much for the mention of the 'How I Wear My' series and us. I am truly grateful! I would like to honor both you and Adrienne of The Rich Life (on a budget), you two have shown me true friendship over the years and I feel so lucky to have met you both through your terrific blogging work. Every time either of you give me advice or just a word of kindness it means so much and really has the power to make me think and lift my spirits. I thank both of you from my heart. xo, Jill

  12. Honor a Blogger Day? I like that. I've recently become acquainted with a charming blog called Thoughts from Meme's Corner by a blogger called La Voice. What's adorable is that her tagline is "In my 80's blogging to 100". She's 85 years young! Her link: Thoughts from Meme's Corner

    Hopping over from Thursday Favorites!

  13. Oh my..this is a great title but a tough call…so I hope you do not mind me adding —well, three: Firstly because I love Katherine's corner, too. The blogname feels so comfy and welcoming and heartworming. Then there is Glenda's So What to Twenty. Very inspiring and I just shared her blue outfit on twitter yesterday. Recently I have been also reading a lot of my lovely European fellow blogger Alex @ Funky Jungle. She is very creative and unique with just the right touch of elegance when nececessary! xo Sabina | Oceanblue Style

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