There is a national day for just about anything..and many ridiculous things…does anyone really talk like a pirate on TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY?  So, I am officially declaring today HONOR A BLOGGER DAY!

You can send a word bouquet about your favorite blogger right here!  Just leave their name and URL in the comments and tell us why you love their blog!

Recently, it broke my heart to read bloggers criticizing other bloggers for a type of work they do.  I guess, sadly, girls will be girls…but as I learned growing up…If you can’t say something nice, don’t say it at all!  Think before you post.

Rather, let’s support and encourage one another.  Now, another rule for the comments…as wonderful as you all can be to me, don’t talk about this blog…share another with us!  I want to tell you about one of my favorites, Katie, at Katherine’s Corner.  I love her creativity, her recipes, and genuine kindness for others.  I feel as though we are good friends, though we have never met face to face.  I am honored to be a part of her Thursday Blog Hop team.  She occasionally sends little gifts in the mail…just because she is such a sweetheart.  Katie, you are doing a great job!

Now, who would you like to tell us about and send kudos their way!  May we all find paths to be more positive and support one another!  In fact, I will do this occasionally and let’s make it a hashtag….#HonorABlogger!

Have a Joyous Wednesday…
(See you tomorrow for something fun!)

Now, I want to honor two bloggers doing a great job with the How I Wear My….and today, they feature HOW I WEAR MY WHITE JEANS!

Visit both sites:


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