Let’s just lay it out there…being a woman over fifty has a
variety of aches and pains associated with aging.   The trick is how to manage the pain and live
joyfully.   I can honestly say the most
severe pain I have dealt with off and on over the years is that associated with
urinary tract infections (UTI).  They
never hit at a good time, and so often it is on the weekend.  In fact, over 50% of us around perimenopause and menopause will experience trouble with UTIs.
The problem for me is it always seems to be over a weekend or holiday which makes getting care from a physician
to deal quickly with the pain and discomfort an UTI creates difficult. Then there is the waiting for test results.  Finally, the
creators of Monistat have an answer… Uristat®
About Uristat®
• UTIs must be treated with a prescription antibiotic, but
you can seek relief as soon as you begin to experience symptoms and think you
have a UTI with URISTAT® Pain Relief Tablets. URISTAT® Pain Relief Tablets
deliver fast, temporary relief of pain, burning and urgency and frequency of
urination while you wait until you can see your doctor.
• From the makers of MONISTAT®, over-the-counter URISTAT ®
Pain Relief Tablets contain phenazopyridine, HCl, the #1 doctor-recommended
ingredient used to treat UTI pain or discomfort.
. • For more information and for a $1 off coupon for URISTAT
® products, please visit the URISTAT WEBSITE.
Even better, the The URISTAT® Relief PAK™ includes a test strip to see if you, in fact, have a UTI and this will save some doctor time…though the doctor is still necessary for proper treatment.
How I wish this product had been around years ago.  It is so needed on the market. UTIs hurt…and
hurt significantly, so this is something that might get women through until the
doctor can see them.
Just in case you did not know, here are some ways to avoid
getting a UTI.  But, if you do, make sure
to pick up a The URISTAT® Relief PAK™ at most local drug stores, such as Walgreens, Walmart, Kmart, Rite Aid, Kinney Drugs and drugstore.com…finally there is help! 
And that is the best pain relief news I have heard in a long time.
Why infections in your urinary tract are not
100% avoidable, there are some tips to help reduce the likelihood of
contracting them.
Hydrate with lots of water throughout the day and
particularly prior to a romantic evening with your significant other.
Urinate often throughout the day, and make sure
to wipe properly…front to back. This prevents harmful germs in areas where they
should not be…get my drift!
Some feminine products, such as deodorant sprays,
douches, and powders can cause irritations. Also, the same with some birth
control devices.  Talk to a physician to
understand where your UTIs may be originating.
Cotton panties, ladies, are the best.  They do not allow bacteria to grow in a moist
environment like some synthetic materials do.
Try not to hold it…go has often as needed.
If this is a problem, have some Uristat® on hand
and call the doctor.

Enjoy Your Saturday Evening!

Disclaimer:   I  have received free product and promotional consideration from the makers of  URISTAT®  and all comments here about the product are my own views.

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