The Power of a Goodwill Donation…Calculate It!

Disclosure:  I am writing on behalf of the Ad Council

Many of you have commented on my wonderful find at Goodwill San Antonio from today’s post.  Treasures like this are made possible by the many wonderful citizens who donate to Goodwill, and the work this important organization does in each community.
I have items in my garage set aside to take to Goodwill right now, and I was excited to learn exactly the impact this donation will have in the community.  I love to clean out throughout the year and know these donations assist with job training and placement opportunities for those with disabilities and disadvantages in my own town.
Currently, Goodwill is promoting its DONATE STUFF CREATE JOBS CAMPAIGN to remind us of the help we can give just by cleaning out.  In 2013, 261,000 earned jobs…that is one person finding a job every 27 seconds of the business day.
I love this new feature…you can calculate how many hours of job counseling your donation provides to someone in need of help on a donation calculator.  These three piles will equal 5.6 hours of career counseling.  See it MY DONATION.  Find your calculator YOUR DONATION HERE.
Regular readers of this blog know, I LOVE our local GOODWILLSA.  I just returned with a new haul of designer finds.
But, what is more important is what it does for our fellow citizens…not what it does for my closet…though that is fun.
Consider a summer clean out soon, and calculate how many hours of help you provide just by going to GOODWILL  Also, make sure you leave with a tax receipt…always helps…right??
Have a lovely evening, everyone!


  1. I have a box in each room where I place items to be donated to Goodwill – donate stuff create jobs. I also enjoy writing a monthly post for them, check it out at Have an awesome day Pam.

  2. You are fortunate. Our goodwill has mostly just things from Target, Sears, or Kmart. Not much good shopping there – but sometimes you can really find something good.

  3. I've always donated to Goodwill, but I've never bought anything there. A Betsey Johnson clutch? Seriously? I went into the location across from HEB, in Olmos Park, once, and it wasn't the best neighborhood, so… Must give it another try!

  4. Wow great finds! We don't have goodwill shops here. But we do have some other shops similar. We donate to big brothers big sisters and to the local MS thrift shop.I have found the occasional treasure there. xo

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