Uristat: Helping Us Cope with Pain from UTIs

I have always had a pretty high pain tolerance, however, twice in my life the intensity of the pain surprised me.  After my first C-section, when I attempted to stand, I was blindsided by the pain and never felt like I was properly prepared for it.  The second time was with my first (of many) urinary tract infections (UTI).  The pain was awful, and again, I was not prepared for it.  This why I am so glad and supportive to see a product like Uristat® hit the shelves.

Not, only does Uristat® help to alleviate the pain, the kit  also,contains a strip where you test at home for the infection.

But, and this is a big BUT, you still must see a doctor for proper treatment of the infection.  It does require antibiotics to heal.

There are many common myths associated with UTIs, for example:

1. Only sexually active women in their 20s get UTIs.  In fact, they can hit any age, and are common during perimenopause and menopause due to a lack of estrogen and a drop in “good bacteria” levels.  This allows the “bad bacteria” to grow more easily in the vagina and urethra resulting in a UTI.  Additionally, while sex may be a trigger for a UTI, there are many risk factors, such as:
*The female anatomy
*Certain birth control
*Urinary Tract Abnormalties
*Complications in the urinary tract
*Impaired immune systems
*Catheterization and previous UTIs
(In fact, the first time I ever had the infection was from a catheter.)

2.  UTIs are not a big deal is another myth.  It is true that a UTI may subside without treatment, but it is also true that the infection could spread to your kidneys, and cause serious and permanent damage.  If you are experiencing discomfort it is in your best interest to get it checked.

Mine have always been so uncomfortable, I wanted to get them checked.  Taking Uristat® certainly would help this situation…pain relieve would make it bearable until time to see the doctor.   Just know…help has arrived! And this is from the makers of Monistat, already a trusted name.

Shop for The URISTAT® Relief PAK™ at most local drug stores, such as Walgreens, Walmart, Kmart, Rite Aid, Kinney Drugs and drugstore.com…

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Disclaimer:   I  have received free product and promotional consideration from the makers of  URISTAT®  and all comments here about the product are my own views.


  1. I don't leave home without it or an antibiotic if I'm going overseas just in case…seriously! There is nothing worse than being somewhere with a UTI and you can't get the necessary meds.

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