Finess…An Amazing New Product + A Special Offer

the most important word we face when hoping to age joyfully.  Truth is, as we advance past the dreaded
fifty there are more and more challenges to navigate, and if we can stare them
down with a great attitude, we all will walk through these times wearing big,
beautiful smiles.
One of the
privileges I have as a blogger is to bring information about new products
designed to make our lives easier and our attitudes bright.  Most of you are aware I have confessed to
years of learning to live with bladder leakage, so I was fascinated by a new
invention called FINESS.  When the
product arrived at my house, I inspected it with many questions.
clinically tested device, cleared by the FDA for non-prescription use.  It actually blocks the leakage before it
happens.  There are many reasons for
suffering with this issue, but Finess is designed to help those of us
specifically who have Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI).  This is when leakage can occur while
coughing, sneezing, celebrating an athletic event, working out at the gym…you
get the picture! An action of stress forces urine out. 
But, the
makers of Finess have designed a clever little device which goes over the
urethral opening, and with specially formulated hydrogel adhesive gently seals
it in place until removed.  No pads
needed!  Because in those stress
situations, there is no fluid to absorb…Finess capped it.  Of course, it takes a moment to get
accustomed to wearing something new, but after a little while, there is no
discomfort or issues of any kind. It is soft and flexible….and, it
does work.
I really
recommend watching the videos with Dr. Toni Harris, a gynecologist for over 30
years specializing in SUIs and from Stanford Medical School.  She is working with the makers of Finess and
explains so much really well.
I know from
experience SUIs can affect our attitude and joy when leaving the house.  However, Finess is turning those frowns to
smiles with new found confidence in a product. 
There are many women who will love this option for protection.   I can think of several football games,
watching my sons play, I wish I had been able to take Finess to the game with

Take a few
minutes to watch Dr. Toni and for more videos, visit the website HERE.  For the first 50 interested readers, you can
go to their site, use the code Feeling40
and receive a box of six free!!  This
is only good until July 30.  Jump on it,
ladies, only 50 will get the free offer!

Innovation is a great thing!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Disclaimer:  I was compensated for this post, but the images and words are my own.


  1. Sounds like an amazing little invention – fortunately it is one of the few problems I've managed to escape so far – but I bet there will be 50 women snapping up the free offer!

  2. Pam thank you so much for the trial offer, as this is something I contend with under difference circumstances just like you described!!

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