Do you or don’t you?

Many stylists say women 40+ should avoid wearing horizontal stripes.  They are said to not be flattering…add the appearance of weight…and make the eye look right at  the hips!
The same stylists say vertical stripes are more flattering and trick the eye to look up and down and add the appearance of height.

So, readers…what say you?  How do you feel about horizontal stripes?  I am always attracted to them and almost always regret the purchase.  But, I am also a curvy gal!

Please tell us what you think….and then

Have a beautiful Saturday!


    1. I LOVE stripes! I also have a full length mirror and use it. I'm quite capable of telling whether or not something looks bad on me from almost any angle. But if I like it and it looks good in my mirror, I wear! That's my style!

  1. I confess to being totally uninterested in anyone who thinks that clothing choices should be made based on our age. Stripes in general don't quite fit my style aesthetic, however I do have one long sleeve striped top that I love and looks great. I think is someone likes something, likes how they look in it, and feels good in it they should wear it 🙂

  2. Love stripes but I think it depends on the garment. I tone my stripes down by wearing a cardigan with my striped blouse. However, I live on the coast where it is 65 degrees year round. 🙂

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