What Personal Style is All About…and What It is Not!

“Style is not about what you have or what you can afford.  You don’t have to be young, rich or skinny to have it. You can be you, and develop an incredible personal style that can give you great confidence and allow you to walk through the world with a sure step, and feel great about yourself.” – Stacy London

I arose early this morning to watch an episode of  LOVE, LUST, or RUN: STACY REVEALED
When I went through my wake up call 12 years ago, it was Stacy and Clinton from WHAT NOT TO WEAR who communicated and connected with me best about how I looked on the outside.  She taught me that style is transformative from the outside in,  and it is!

THE TRUTH ABOUT STYLE remains the best style book I have read to date.  I wrote about it HERE in 2012, and you can see how far I have come from that time to now.   Stacy’s goal in life is to make every woman feel the possibilities are limitless, and she certainly has helped me to feel that way.  She said in last night’s special, “I learned on What Not to Wear how the way we dress reveals much deeper things about what is going on inside.  I learned to develop personal style based on self acceptance and self understanding.  I learned more compassion with myself and others.”  She revealed in her book and again last night her hardships growing up when she was bullied as a child for PSORIASIS…she understands the struggles with self acceptance. She lived them.

“It is a tall order to expect other people to give you self esteem,” she said.  “I hate watching women who loathe themselves, but love to see them empowered.”

I now communicate on the outside, what I feel on the inside:  joy, fun, excitement, hope, strength, and confidence! She defined her midlife as a renaissance, not a crisis…love that!  Thanks for all your help, Stacy!

Order her book, HERE if you want to read more encouragement!

Happy Weekend, Everyone!


  1. I really enjoy hearing Stacy London talk about style. She's real and she knows exactly what she's talking about. I've always enjoyed Clinton as well. Her book sounds terrific.

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