Autumn Decorations….An Early Transition Decision

Has a leaf ever spoken to you?  Well, this one did…kind of…as I went to get into my car early on Monday morning.  It spoke to me of changes currently underway and future changes.  The bright yellow was a statement of the beautiful, colorful season just around the corner.
All of the new changes in my professional and home life in the second half of life have me looking at decisions differently these days.  For example, I usually do not decorate my house for autumn until well into September or even October.  But, this past weekend as I thought of my grandchildren coming to live with us for six weeks, and as I longed for autumn.  I went ahead and pulled out the decorations!! Life is just too short…why wait any way?

Home decor is a lot like our clothing…it communicates messages of how we feel about our environment and can bring us joy upon entering the house.

I love to change things up seasonally inside the house…keeps life fun!  I also made some difficult decisions with blogging, because my professional life is really busy right now.  I had to tell the wonderful KATIE OF KATHERINE’S CORNER that I must back away from being a sponsor of the Thursday Blog Hop for awhile.  But, I will still hop on….and hope the rest of you will as well.  Time Management is a challenge with my new career reinvention…but I am forced to make important decisions in order to help my business thrive.  This is where maturity is a plus.  In my younger days, I hated to say no…would commit to too much…and then not do my best!  Lessons learned!

Does anyone have lessons learned about decision making or time management they would like to share?

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Have a joyful Thursday, all!


  1. You said it – life is short! Enjoy the beauty of your home. And I agree about the wisdom of saying "no" when we need to. xox

  2. Americans decorate every season – Australians are a little more restrained. We don't decorate for autumn or for easter – halloween is only just catching on (not that I am overly thrilled about that!) Your home looks lovely with the autumn colours and you must be excited about the grandchildren coming! ~ Leanne

  3. I definitely find it easier to say "no" now than I did when I was younger. I used to hate disappointing people, but I've learned that no one would want me to say yes if they knew what I was really saying was, "yes, but I'll only be able to do a lousy job."

  4. Having grown up in a very rigid, structured environment, I have made it a priority to say yes only to the most important things and to let the rest go. As I get older, I do what I want to do and can easily let laundry go , dusting, whatever, for another day (or two!) I am the most laid back person in my family (aside from my sons, I taught them well to enjoy life.) Managing my time is all about making more time for life's simple pleasures.

  5. Time management is so critical. Good for you knowing what you could or could not accomplish and keep things under control!! Women seem to have the hardest time saying no. I struggle with
    It too. Happy Fall!

  6. Your home is lovely Pam, as are your decorations. Blogging is more time-consuming than anyone who has never done it could ever imagine. I hope this new adjustment allows you to put your energies where they need to be.

  7. Fall is the best month for decorating. No pressure to be perfect! Your home is lovely & I'm happy to read your family is safe.
    My favorite time saving tip: I plan all my month's outfits on a calendar, including scarves, jewelry, & belts. (At this point in my life I have a pretty good idea of what the weather will be each month.) That way I can keep clothing items in circulation & avoid repetitions too close together. Then late Sunday afternoon & put all the outfits on wooden hangers with skirt/pants clips & hang on hooks in order. That way in the morning I can grab the hanger & head to the shower.

  8. Visiting From Lifestyle link up. Your home and decorating are just lovely. I can see it is a home that is loved and that your life is filled with joy. Time management for me, is a routine and lists. This will all fall to the wayside when I visit our middle daughter in just a few weeks, to help her with her new baby and our 3 year old grandson. So, I would also add that being flexible where family is concerned and embracing these moments!

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