Saks Fifth Avenue Presents Laurel Berman and Black Halo

Fashion designer, Laurel Berman, introduced her BLACK HALO FALL COLLECTION to San Antonio this week with an appearance at SAKS FIFTH AVENUE AT NORTH STAR MALL.   Though she has
designed a classic dress officially labeled an icon, and dressed celebrities
for the red carpet and magazine covers, she is soft spoken, kind, and humble.
She typically designs for career women, so they feel
confident on the job.  But, she
recognizes her styles have been worn by females, pre-teen to Baby Boomers, and
on all sizes.  She is proud to offer her
work through sizes 16.  “I love to dress
curves and design clothes which flatter female figures,” she said.  This is evident in the careful placement of
seams and architectural styling. It is important to her the styles are
tasteful, classic, and occasionally, with a bit of an edge.  
The upper portion of each dress is designed
to hold the girls so secure a bra is not really needed.  This is why she is sought out by many women
who are looking for the power of great fit in these dresses and jumpsuits.
Her icon is called THE JACKIE O DRESS, and it has been seen in many fabrics and colors and on the
country’s most stylish ladies including Anna Wintour, Heidi Klume, Lady Gaga, Tyra Banks, Kelly Ripa,and even
Kirstie Alley.  “I did not set out to
design predominately dresses,” she said. 
“It just turned out that my best sellers were always dresses.”  
Laurel believes women feel sexy and confident when they like
what they are wearing which helps them to feel great about themselves. She
encourages women of all ages to take care of themselves…eat healthy and
exercise.  She also wants to see more
follow their dreams.  “I left my
political science college degree behind to pursue what I love,” she said.  “And I am so glad I did.”
The clothes are stunning and I noted the joyful
smiles of the models.  They loved what
they were wearing and I do not always see such a reaction.  Black Halo for fall 2015, including the
O dress, can be found now at SAKS FIFTH AVENUE.
BLACK HALO:  Since its launch in 2002, Black Halo has expanded from its Los Angeles roots, becoming an internationally renowned brand.  the collection made its national debut in the U.S. in 2003 at Nordstrom and in 2008 at Harvey Nichols in London, and today can be found in 1500 stores worldwide. 

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  1. Lovely dresses. I am a 'dress person' and always like to see classic yet modern styles. Interesting concept about the bra…not sure about that one, especially in an office environment! That one I'd have to see (or try on) to believe!

  2. I love all of these dresses, but I can't help but feel left out when all of the dresses are 16 and under. When are designers going to start realizing there are a whole bunch of women who would like to dress for success but just aren't in the smaller sizes…yet. It's a shame and does so much damage to women's self-esteem. I've noticed this trend so many times it is very disappointing. We're not all one size so stop making one size fits all clothes.

  3. That Jackie O dress is so classic! As to not wearing a bra? I'm a D-cup a AND I am 50. My bras work very hard, LOL! I don't care how well made a dress is, I would need a bra!

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