Stella Carakasi: Career Reinvention Assistance

I continue to learn so much about career reinvention later
in life.  I am constantly challenged with
how to prefer the better over the best.  
Balancing activities…learning to say yes to what will build the business
and no to what won’t, requires careful contemplation.   Of course, living with grandchildren until
the end of October adds a new challenge and dynamic…but these smiles are hard
to say “No” to, and I love to photograph them!

I am also learning a new type of writing as I am asked to do
more health related articles.  This means
more research to seek understanding of the topics…currently I am researching varicose
veins and lymphedemia. 

Of course, facing all of this with confidence is so
important and wearing clothes from STELLA CARAKASI gives me an edge!  I introduced you to Stella HERE.  Today, I would like to encourage you to visit
her website to see the FALL COLLECTION…she has some great pieces which make
powerful statements in one garment!  I am
in love with this jacket!

I feel like I can conquer anything when I have the confidence-edge… which comes from looking
and feeling my best!  Even if it is
listening to doctors talk about the veins in our legs!! For more on the accessories I am wearing, join me Wednesday right here!

Is anyone else facing challenges this week?  Please share with us! Then go visit STELLA CARAKASI.


Happy Monday!

And, of course, it is time for

Hosting today is Deb at the No-Nonsense Beauty Blog

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Disclaimer:  These garments were provided by Stella Carakasi and the opinions are my own.


  1. I think there are challenges every week. But the good news is, I normally find a way through them, and don't remember most of them, which gives me courage to keep starting again each Monday morning!

  2. oh, the grands are back – I bet they are keeping you on your toes, speaking of which, I love those shoes! I am not facing any extraordinary challenges this week – just the same ole ones!

  3. Hi Pam,
    Your Grandchildren are beautiful! You look gorgeous and I love those shoes! I love how you said "learning to say yes to what will encourage your career path and no to those things that won't," I'm going to take that advice!
    Love, Deb xo

  4. I love your style and those shoes are boss! I broke my left foot a few years ago and haven't worn a heels since. I wonder if I could wear these! Accessories can take a plain outfit and add some pop and I like what you're doing. Gorgeous grand babies too!

  5. I love those comfy-looking shoes! They look great on you!
    Adorable grandchildren. I couldn't say no to those smiles either!
    Hey, I also saw your recent videos! I always knew you were a star! 🙂

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