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Dear Pamela,

I just wanted to write to say thanks for talking about Finess on your blog. I’ve been following you for a while and I really appreciate you addressing issues that effect us post-50 women. I’m 52 and have been working out seriously for about 10 years. At first I was doing Tae Kwon Do and kickboxing and I would have to stop drinking several hours before class in order not to have stress incontinence problems during class. It was never more than a liner could handle but I was self conscious and worried that others might notice. It also meant I couldn’t go ‘full-out’ like I wanted to. The problem improved a lot as I lost weight and go into better shape but never really went away.   After my kickboxing teacher moved away I had to find a new workout solution. Now I’m doing zumba and loving it but as soon as we start jumping (and we do a lot of it!) I would start to worry and have to dial it down a bit. I took advantage of the sample that you mentioned and it was a game changer! I was able to do all the jumping jacks etc without any problems. Thanks again for talking about this – I’m mostly a blog reader, not a commenter, but wanted to let you know what an impact this has had on my quality of life.
Thanks Margaret…for the testimony, for reading and for supporting what goes on here at over50feeling40!
Happy Saturday!


  1. I too am 53 & do Zumba, Kickboxing and boot camp classes. I hate my stress incontinence & the specialist I saw recommended a trans vaginal mesh implant that's all over the internet getting a class action lawsuit going on! The mesh hardens & cuts into other tissue over time. Yikes! I bought a sample of these but have been hesitant to try at the gym..Do they stay in place for the whole time? Can you feel them?

    1. I encourage you to try it at the gym and wear a pad the first time just so you feel better. I do not do kickboxing, but it has worked with cardio and weight training. As with anything new, you are aware of it at first, but get used to it after the first time. Just try it once and see what you think. Let us know. This is way better than a questionable proceedure.

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