Breast Cancer Awareness Teamwork

One part of this story is sad…and one part encouraging.  It’s sad how many women have been touched in some way by breast cancer.  Sad, how many lives have been lost, and sad how many will still be hidden, because some women fear mammograms or do not take time for self examines.

However, on the other hand, there is an encouraging side of this story…more lives are now saved due to advancements in care.  These advancements are made possible by the research done from funds raised.

Retailers have really stepped up to make sure donations are made from their sales during this important Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  It is amazing how many retailers now participate.  I met one survivor last weekend, and she will only support those retailers who are determined to help with cancer research.

I will be at one of these retailers in San Antonio today from 2-4 PM.  OTRA VEZ is a Couture Consignment Boutique, 4222 McCullough in Olmos Park… making it possible for us to afford designer fashions!

What we can’t afford to do is neglect our breast care.  I will be representing ELLA HEALTH and handing out these important cards for women to keep at home and know the proper way to do a monthly breast self-exam. In fact, if anyone reading would like one of these, email me your mailing address and I will send one to you! It is a great laminated piece. My email is

Today, we are going to celebrate life with shopping, refreshments, makeup and skincare tips, door prizes, and assistance for proper breast care at OTRA VEZ.  I hope if you are in San Antonio, you will join us.
Thanks goes to all retailers helping to raise money and awareness for those who are in need. 
And if you need your annual mammogram, see if you are near an ELLA LOCATION…3-D Mammography gives more information and exposes the woman to less radiation.  Check it out!

Plus, for ideas on fall fashion join in these two great sites today for HOW I WEAR MY PONCHO AND WRAP…so many beautiful looks at RICH LIFE ON A BUDGET WITH ADRIENNE and EVERYTHING JUST SO WITH JILL!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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