Hair Spray that Doesn’t Feel Like Hair Spray…And Works!

I am very particular about hairspray…especially since I live in humid South Texas.  Kenra Fast Dry Hairspray holds everything in place and you cannot tell it is there…or feel it! My hair doesn’t feel weighed down as it does with other products.

You can ORDER IT HERE!  And no one paid me to tell you about it…I just really like the product!

And here is another one I like that I have been discussing for a week:

Remember to order the Laguna Vitamin C Serum with the 2 for 1 Special going on now just for readers of this blog.   Just click on the picture of the serum in the sidebar to the right.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!


  1. i live in the new orleans area-almost always humid here. i immediately ordered this product and hope it works as well for me as it does for you, altho unfortunately my hair is not thick and beautful like yours. every little bit helps, tho.

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