My Gift From the Inspiring DVF

Toward the end of 2013, I began to desire a return to the
professional world and an exit from education. 
It took me over a year to actually plunge as I wrestled with my age and
wondered just how much of a deterrent it would be.  A few months later, Diane von Furstenberg
released her book, THE WOMAN I WANTED TO BE  So much of the book resonated
with me as she is a woman who has faced, persevered, and overcome through many
trials and circumstances.
Here are a few of her quotes on aging which I underlined at
the time:
“Things got better
when I hit 50.  I went back to work, creating
a new studio environment and repositioning my brand….I embraced my age and my
life.  It was the beginning of the age of
fulfillment, which continues…To embrace your age is to embrace your life…What
is important is to live fully every single day of every period of every age, so
that no time gets wasted. Because the time goes by, faster and faster.”
I confess there were many voices in my head when I decided
to work for myself at age 62, and DVF was one of them.  Which brings me to last week.  Working as an independent contractor is not
easy.  I absolutely love it and believe I
have the skills to do many types of jobs; however, the financial concerns are real and sometimes feel overwhelming.
It was that cloudy, overwhelming feeling I carried with me
when I went to work last Thursday.  The
day ended at SAKS FIFTH AVENUE with the event I wrote about HERE.  At the end of the DVF Fashion Show, one of
her New York representatives, Lauren
Brunwasser drew two names out of a bowl for special door prizes …and I
was one of those names.
I won this gorgeous DVF clutch…and it means the world to
me.  Once again, DVF gave me encouragement
to carry on and persevere…though she knows nothing about this.  But, it was a day I needed a smile and now will
carry that smile with me as I remember her words:
“Clearly confidence is
everything.  Confidence makes us
beautiful, and it comes from accepting yourself.  The moment you accept yourself, it makes
everything better.”

Thanks, Diane.

Hope this Saturday brings you a surprise!

Find DVF’s Book HERE

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  1. Thank goodness for the internet. 🙂 So many of us are in this over-50 journey and need to know we're not alone. I just found your blog and it was so great to read your story. I quit my corporate job when I was 52 to run my own business and I've never looked back. Thanks for the inspiration!

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