Saks Beauty Symposium: What I Learned

Only during the holidays do I arise in the dark and head to the mall two hours before it opens!  But, I did it last Saturday for an exclusive beauty symposium held at SAKS FIFTH AVENUE in North Star Mall.  What made this symposium special was the panel…two medical professionals and the president of a Swiss skincare line:

 Local Saks Marketing Director, Carla Smith Jones, opened the discussion and took us through many questions women of a certain age want to know.  Complete with mimosas, croissant sandwiches, and quiche, the morning was definitely worth getting out of bed to attend.

Here are some of the key points from the symposium:
1. Beauty is not just about skincare or makeup, it is about total wellness for each woman.
2. What we put inside deserves investment and attention as does the products we use on the outside.  We should eat as clean as possible.  Few processed foods and eating organic will help our beauty. 
3.  We have heard it before…hydrate!  With water, water, water…if you weigh 150, take in 75 ounces of water a day!
4. Dr. Bucay told us of scientific research which revealed our coffee helps to prevent skin cancer.  Caffeine is a plus in that area, but moderation…as in all things.
5. We also have heard before…sunscreen!  Every day, always.  It goes on top of our skincare creams and serums.
6. Stress alters our immune system and ages our skin.  Take it seriously in regards to health.  Make adjustments where needed…add exercise or massage on a regular basis.  Make sure you are doing things you love.

7. Theirry became quiet passionate when discussing botox afterwards near his counter.  It literally angers him to see women put toxins in their bodies when it is not necessary. 

 “Anytime you put poison in your system,” he said, “there will be consequences.  Count on it.”  (and with his French accent, the passion was even greater!)

We were introduced to CELLCOSMET, one of the top skincare lines available. The active ingredients in the line, low amount of water, and Vitamin C concentration make this a premiere line. “Constantly looking for the best scientifically selected and knowingly balanced active ingredients, to ensure maximum benefits for the skin…this is all about cell regeneration and cell renewal.”
During this presentation, one of the Saks customers raised her voice….

She has been a Cellcomet customer for several months and is in love with the line.  We all agreed that her skin is gorgeous.  She wore no face makeup that day!  There are some of you gasping at the prices, and others who understand the ingredients reading closely.

The new neck treatment is one of her favorites!  Very impressive and the doctors did encourage everyone to invest in quality products for the skin ,…if we want to look younger as long as possible!  Just consider the line HERE.

I spent some time at the counter to feel some of the products and plan to return for an in-depth look.  

After my makeup was done at GUERLAIN, I was off to the next event.  Well done, Saks! 
This is an excellent way to receive information we all need…even if it requires rising early!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Looks like great fun, and good healthy advice. Except for the water thing- it's been established that just drinking when we feel thirsty is healthy, and we don't need to overdo the water. It doesn't hurt, but doesn't seem to accomplish much for health. xo


  2. I agree with not using botox as it is adding a foreign substance into the body. We should age gracefully and in a natural way. As for the Cellcosmet — well I nearly choked when I saw the price. Not affordable for the average woman. Disappointing to see this.

  3. I love hearing doctors who go against big money and looking at the WHOLE person. So rare. Glad he is giving such wonderful beauty advice, Pamela. Once again many thanks.

  4. Pam this is just the kind of reinforcement and encouragement we ladies need!
    I would love to attend a symposium like this one held at Saks!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Palm Beach Chic!

  5. What fun that early morning symposium must have been! And a big thanks for continuing to broaden our beauty horizons. Stopping by during the blog hop.

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