Hit Your Style Sweet Spot: Date Night Style for Over 50 Ladies!

Ladies, you bless me so much…last week the first HIT YOUR STYLE SWEET SPOT was received with so much excitement and encouragement…Jennifer and I thank you for each comment, email, tweet…all of it!  This is going to be tons of fun!

This week our scenario is DATE NIGHT with the significant other!  Now, it is not dining and dancing.  It is simply going to the movies preceded by dinner…a CASUAL date.  I am about to celebrate 31 years of marriage to Mr. B and that all important time for dating remains a challenge.  He is in an MBA program at a major university in addition to his job, and, those of you who know me, know I have MANY irons in the fire.  But, we do believe we must make time to enjoy one another a priority.

As, I said last week, first I consider the venue to know how much of a look I want.  Our movie theater is near a LA MADELEINE, so it is not uncommon, to find us by the fireplace this time of year sipping wine and enjoying the fare. 

I showed you last week how my style has changed since turning 50.  I do primarily dress for me, but when going out with him I take into considerations his likes and dislikes, and I make sure to wear jewelry he has purchased for me over the years. 
 If he comments on something I am wearing at any time, I take note because then it becomes a date night potential. The challenge is balancing what I like with what he likes…not always on the same page. 

So, Let’s Begin…

OLD FRUMPY THINKING:  I am overweight, so I need to wear the largest garments I can find to cover me up and then I will look better.

NEW HEALTHY THINKING: I have learned “sexy” is not about cleavage…it is about confidence and strength.  Confidence is sexy!  If I dress the body I have right now, to look it’s best in figure flattering styles, then I will have a powerful attractiveness which comes with confidence…no matter my size or age.  Even in a tunic style, I make sure it fits and often go down a size depending on the garment.

OLD FRUMPY THINKING: For date night, I need to be over-the-top with fashion trends, so he will want to be with this cool, young hip chick! 

NEW HEALTHY THINKING:  Classic styling gives me an edge as a strong, wise, confident woman.  I have discovered he would rather be with that woman than an insecure girl.  Even conversation is better when you have gone out the door in confidence. Stylist Stacy London writes, “Reverential allure comes from a woman’s power, wisdom, and experience.”  So why would I want to look like I am in my 20s or 30s?  The detailing in this outfit…the faux leather trim on the top and subtle snake print in the pant…give the look a fashionable feel with a soft voice.  It took me a few years to garner the courage to walk out in a snake print…now I own it!  Remember, this type of print is so subtle, it really is a neutral and just as if it were solid black, you can wear it with anything.

DETAILS I PAY ATTENTION TO:  My husband is a fabric guy…he mostly wears 100% cotton.  He wants me in silk,ponte knits, cotton, suede…fabrics with soft, rich feel.  When we touch shoulder to shoulder in that movie, it is important to him how the clothing feels.  

I have learned from makeup artists which colors flatter me most and will make my eyes pop…eggplant purple is one of those colors.  Know your colors and work them to your advantage. I am wearing purple on my eyes and my fingers!

From the moment we began dating in the 80s, I have always worn flats when we go out in order to not be taller than Mr. B.   Now, I predominately wear flats, so that works well for dating.

I have owned these for a long time, but they are ANTONIO MELANI FLATS FROM DILLARDS!

If your husband loves the way fabric feels, there is no better place to shop than SOFT SURROUNDINGS.  The name says soft for a reason!  My husband likes me in classic neutrals and is not fond of prints…I know that, so I keep it in mind when dressing.  As long as the look is me and I feel confident, then I will go out with a smile.

Now, of course the final touch is a wonderful perfume and KILIAN AT SAKS FIFTH AVENUE (for me at North Star Mall) is incredible.  Every time I put it on I sigh and it is still there at the end of the day!  Lovely…

Movie Time!
Now,visit Jennifer’s process HERE and then…
Tell us, what you like to wear on a casual date night! Please jump into the conversation! How do you hit your style sweet spot??


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    1. I am really glad we have teamed up and I love your kimono…I wish we wore the same size and could trade off…just like I use to do with my high school friends…you look gorgeous in your outfit!

    1. This purple polish is amazing and I have had two friends go get the color since they saw this one!! Thanks for reading Susan…I hope all of the details around clothing decisions will help others!

  1. Thanks for this inspiring piece! You look great! Loved your remarks about finding flattering colors. Had my colors "done" back in the '80s. Still refer to the swatches when I shop.

  2. You look fabulous! Love the manicure… Your hair looks so full and healthy. What is your secret? Do you wear it up from time to time? I notice the older I get, the more "hair challenged" I become…

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