Listen to Our Blab….and the Poise Experiment Continues!

On Tuesday, I confessed HERE ON MIDLIFE BOULEVARD in our weekly column, that I was convicted about how I dress at home.  The book, POLISH YOUR POISE WITH MADAME CHIC, has convinced me that even when all I do is stay at home.  I need to dress in such a way as to reflect poise and respect for myself and family.  This is one of the ways poise becomes a learned behavior.

I do believe I get more done when I dress as if I am working somewhere else and I also feel better about the day, life, and my work!

So, I have tossed out some of my comfortable, ragged duds in an effort to have less options!  On this day at home, I chose to wear:


As all things, this will take one day at a time.  I do reserve the right to take a few days off during the holidays, wrapped in a warm robe, drinking coffee and watching Christmas movies…that’s called needed rest!

Now, here is one of the things I have done at home lately…appear on BLAB with Jennifer…listen to us

BLAB LINK HERE  (we were on the air as the sun was setting in Texas, so I got darker, and darker, and darker!  Will have a new broadcast location next time!!)

Happy Friday!!


  1. I need to start doing this again. I always got to rest up professionally when I had phone interviews for that very reason… It would probably help me to get dressed up professionally when I start my workday at home.

  2. I used to "dress" no matter what…but that has gone out the window in recent years. I have been really trying to dress each day now. I do think it makes a difference. Of course, I have been known to throw my comfy robe over said pretties…you know, when it's cold!! 😉

  3. Hi Pam, This is Jennifer Scott. Thank you for writing about my book! I think you look very beautiful and put together and I am happy you do this even when you are home alone! Keep up the great work. Best Wishes, Jennifer PS- I will share your blog on my upcoming blogpost this week!

    1. Jennifer! What a nice surprise…thank you for stopping by and commenting and sharing. Your book is excellent and so needed…thank you for writing about poise and inspiring me to practice it!

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