One Favorite Statement Piece

I stepped onto the escalator at NORDSTROM in downtown Chicago thinking I was finally finished with a long day of shopping.  But, as the steps moved slowly towards the first floor, my eye landed upon a mannequin wearing this scarf.  That was two years ago and we have loved each other since then.

It makes the autumn statement I love and turns a neutral outfit into something special.  We need these types of accessories in our closets…ones which light up a long day and say something  about our individual style.  This says I am creative and love some color!

After all, it is a colorful time of year…isn’t it?  What is your favorite accessory to wear in fall?  Please share!

By the way, Nordstrom is having a FALL CLEARANCE SALE!

May Your Thursday Be Colorful!



  1. Pretty scarf! I love it when I find pieces that speak to me!

    I also have a favorite fall scarf. In fact, I will be wearing it tomorrow as I need something to make me feel good! 🙂

  2. I do love that scarf on you! I have tons of scarves…but I have a very short neck so I have to get inventive with how I wear them or I end up looking like a turtle! They do add so much style to your look though…

  3. I completely agree Pam, and it's one of the reasons I love all my scarves so much! This one brightens up your face – and your hair looks lovely too!

  4. I fell in love with a scarf at Steinhart once. It was on sale. I bought it and wore that scarf with every outfit I could as it blended well with just about everything. Then it got stolen… it had to have gotten stolen because I would never have misplaced it. And though I've bought many scarves since then, none have come close to the uniqueness of that particular scarf. *sigh*

  5. I love the scarf on you! It is a super combination of hot and cool colours; you can wear that with anything! I love wearing hats in the fall. A fedora and a good coat makes me feel like I can do anything. xx

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